CSGI possesses state-of-the-art instrumentation in the field of reference. Instruments are available as a service to external users at moderate cost and to the Universities belonging to CSGI network. A list of CSGI instruments is reported here.




Research fields


CSGI units carry out projects in several research areas. CSGI is active in the preparation and study of new supramolecular "smart" devices and colloidal systems, and in the development of their different applications such as pharmaceutics, bio-medical, inks and paintings, oil and energy, metallurgic, detergents, cosmetics, textile, paper, food industry, de-polluting procedures, conservation of cultural heritage, and so forth. CSGI research activity can be schematically divided in the following six areas:


Hard Matter Soft Matter Theory & Modelling
Art Restoration Metals & Ceramics Biotech & Environment





A great part of CSGI activity is devoted to the training of specialized researchers and during its existence the consortium has granted several fellowships, PhD supporting programs, post-doc grants, and has organized several national and international Meetings. In particular, during the year 2010, CSGI has issued 10 PhD scholarships, 42 fellowships, and 7 post-doc grants, and is actively participating in two European Master Programs: EMASCO-COSOM (European Master in Supramolecular and Colloidal Chemistry) and IMES (International Master on Bioenergy and Environment). Inside the two sections below a detailed list of the latest theses prepared by CSGI students and conferences held by CSGI memebers is reported.




Biennal CSGI Report


The scientific activity of CSGI units and affilated laboratories is reported in the biennal report. Here you can download the pdf version of these scientific reports:

CSGI Report 2004 CSGI Report 2007 CSGI Report 2009 CSGI Report 2011
CSGI Report 2013 CSGI Report 2017 CSGI Report 2020

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