CSGI projects for the Young Investigator Training Program within ECIS 2016 Conference

We are pleased to announce that CSGI joined the Young Investigator Training Program, which gives to 10 young researchers the opportunity to spend one month in an italian Researcher Center, in connection with the participation to the ECIS 2016, the 30th Conference of the European Colloid and Interface Society. More information about the program and the application are available on the ECIS webiste.




1) Nanostructured materials meet lipid bilayer membranes: a biophysical perspective.
Scientific responsible: D. Berti

2) Complex Fluids for the Dewetting of Thick Polymer films applied for Cultural Heritage Conservation.
Scientific responsible: P. Baglioni, D. Berti

3) Highly retentive hydrogels for Cleaning of works of art.
Scientific responsible: R. Giorgi, P. Baglioni

4) Biocompatible nanosized carriers for the uptake, storage and delivery of valuable hydrophobic species.
Scientific responsible: P. Lo Nostro, P. Baglioni 

5) Control of the rheological properties of natural gels through salts and temperature.
Scientific responsible: P. Lo Nostro, P. Baglioni


Reference person: Gerardo Palazzo ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )
Group Participants: Nicola Cioffi, Alessandro De Giacomo

1) Controlled modification of surfaces by transition metal (or metal oxide) nanoparticles.

2) Advanced nanoantimicrobials.

3) Nanostructures prepared by laser ablation in liquids.

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