Antonio Tognazzi

Personal Information

Position: Post-Doc

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Phone or fax: 0577 234-369

Location: Siena

Tognazzi, Antonio


Fields of Interest and Expertise

Material Characterization and Surface Analysis.

Cultural Heritage Analysis.

Food Science and Technology.

Water and Environmental Chemistry.


Curriculum Vitae

Apr 2002: Degree in Chemistry, at the University of Pisa (110 cum laude/110) with a dissertation on the Degradation Processes of Organic Binders in Pictorial Art-Crafts.

2002: Supervisor for the Analysis of Organic Components in Movable Art Objects for EDITECH srl (FI).

2002-2003: CNR grant on Progetto Finalizzato Beni Culturali.

2002-2005: PhD in Chemistry at the University of Siena. Title: "The Use of ToF-SIMS Spectrometry in the Chemical Characterization of Solid Matrices". Advisor: Prof. C. Rossi (University of Siena).

2005-2007: Grant of the Province of Siena. Title: " Study and Characterization of original formulations of Pb glasses to create a new 'Colle Val d'Elsa Crystal' ".

2008: Research Grant on Physical Chemistry at the University of Siena. Title: " Analysis of surface chemical properties in polymer and natural systems. Use of state of the art instrumentations and development of new methodologies in surface analysis ".


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