Cristiana Guerranti

Personal Information

Position: Researcher

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Location: Florence

Guerranti, Cristiana


Fields of Interest and Expertise

Characterization and source apportionment of microplastics content in aquatic environments, food, food webs and organisms.

Assessment of the impact of microplastics and associated contaminants on marine environments and organisms.

Studying the levels and fate of organic environmental contaminants in indoor and outdoor environments.

Transport, distribution and accumulation mechanisms of organic compounds, mainly with endocrine disrupting effects in organisms, humans included.

Effects of environmental contaminants on human health and biota.

Assessment of food contamination and human exposure to environmental pollutants.

Risk assessment of dietary exposure to organic environmental pollutants.

Human biomonitoring studies on levels and effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals on human fertility and health.

Biomonitoring and environmental characterizations of marine environments, mainly Marine Protected Areas.

Dynamics of acrylamide formation in food products, particularly in relation to the different factors involved in the treatment, preservation and cooking processes.


Curriculum Vitae

2000: Degree (summa cum laude) in Biology at University of Siena. Experimental thesis on "Endocrine disruptors in humans: study of the presence of organochlorines in fat and oestrogen-sensitive tissues".

2000-2004: Collaboration, as researcher on environmental contamination, with the Department of environmental Sciences University of Siena.

2001-2007: PhD student in Sciences and Technologies Applied to the Environment, University of Siena. Thesis title: "Survey on the presence of organohalogen compounds in food and diet of the population of the Sienese area".

2005: Collaboration, as researcher on environmental contamination with Polo Universitario Grossetano, University of Siena .

2005-2006: Collaboration, as researcher on environmental contamination with Interuniversity Consortium for Marine Studies (CoNISMa), Rome.

2006-2007: Consulting position on projects SIOSED ("Experimental determination of the effects of the reuse of the most widespread sediments of the Lagoon") and HICSÈD ("integration of knowledge on the effects of handling and reuse of sediments of the Lagoon")Venezia Nuova Consortium, Venice.

2008-2011: Post-doctoral researcher in "Agribusiness area with particular reference to wine and traceability of products" on the topic "Quality and safety of typical Tuscan food products: environmental and microbial contaminants in the PDO products", University of Siena

: Researcher on endocrine disruptors in fish at Consorzio Ferrara Ricerche, Ferrara.

2012: Collaboration, as researcher on endocrine disruptors in fish tissues Department of biology and Evolution, University of Ferrara.

2012-2014: Post doctoral researcher in " Development of analytical methods for the study of chemical contaminants in artworks "- Research project SlCAMOR - Development of surveys of chemical investigation applied to the maintenance of the artworks and the restoration", Department of Physical, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Siena

2015-2017: Researcher and Chief Scientific Officer at Bioscience Research Center, Orbetello (GR).

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