Irene Quinzeni

Personal Information

Position: Post-Doc

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Location: Pavia

Quinzeni, Irene


Fields of Interest and Expertise

Electrochemical measures for ion battery characterization.

Synthesis of materials for cathode, anode and solid electrolyte for ion battery.

UV spectrophotometry.


Curriculum Vitae

Sep 2010: Master Degree in Chemistry (five-year degree), University of Pavia. Title: “Study of electrode and electrolyte materials, in thin film form, for lithium micro batteries”.

2010-2011: Fellow researcher Chemistry Dept., University of Pavia on “Development and testing of liquid electrolytes for lithium-air batteries”.

2011-2012: Researcher at Archimede Solar Energy (Angelantoni group) at ENEA (Portici) on “Investigation and optimization of the sputtering of thin film materials applied to solar thermo-electrical plants”.

2012-2017: Fellow researcher, Chemistry Dept., University of Pavia - Physical Chemistry Division.

2017-present: Fellow researcher, Department of Chemistry, University of Pavia - Division of Physical Chemistry in collaboration with RSE spa.


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