Grazia Maria Lucia Messina

Personal Information

Position: Post-Doc

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Phone or fax: 095 738-5083

Location: Catania

Messina, Grazia Maria Lucia


Fields of Interest and Expertise

Self-assembly of amphiphilic peptides on surface

Nanostructured surfaces

Interaction biomolecules-surface

Phospholipids on surface

SAM of Calix[n]arenes on surfaces

Surface functionalization


Curriculum Vitae

Dec 2003: Graduation in Chemistry, at the University of Catania. Title: "Bioactive metabolites from Sarcodon Leucopus”.

2005-2006: University of Catania fellowship on "Preparation and characterization of nanostructured surfaces by using self-assembling strategies of colloidal system ".

2005-2008: PhD (Dottorato di Ricerca) in Chemical Sciences at the University of Catania. Title: "A study of molecular self-organizing processes at surfaces". Advisor: Prof. G. Marletta (University of Catania).

2007-2008: Research activity at Westfalische Wilhelm-Universität Physikalisches      Institüt Münster (Germany) Supervisor: Prof. Harald Fuchs.

2009-2010: CSGI fellowship on "Chemical methodology for surface biofunctionalization".

Since 2010: Post-Doc at the Dept. of Chemistry of the University of Catania.


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