Physicochemical and rheological properties of a novel monoolein-based vesicle gel

Research Area: Uncategorized Year: 2013
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: angelico12pdf, gel, properties, rheological, vesicle
Journal: Soft Matter
The present paper deals with the preparation and characterization of an innovative vesicle-based gel composed of monoolein and lauroylcholine chloride. A number of vesicular formulations were prepared, in the range of 4-14 wt% of the dispersed phase, to investigate the system evolution from a dilute uni-lamellar vesicle dispersion to a vesicle lipid gel. Morphology, thermal stability up to 55 [degree]C, and viscoelastic properties, along with the effect of acid diclofenac inclusion within the formulation, were evaluated by cryo-TEM, SAXS, and rheological measurements. Moreover, the nanostructure of the vesicle dispersion obtained upon gel dilution in water was assessed by cryo-TEM and SAXS, while DLS was used to monitor the formulation stability (size and [small zeta]-potential). All the collected results lead to the conclusion that this new vesicle-based gel displays all the requirements needed for application in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields.
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