Siena - Chemistry


Unit Coordinator: Riccardo Basosi

Address: Via A. Moro, 2, 53100 Siena, Italy

Phone: +39 0577 234240

Fax: +39 0577 234239

Unit Coordinator mail: riccardo.basosi@unisi.it

Focus Area

  • Thin Film and Non Conventional Photovoltaics (In silico design of new dyes for DSSC, ;Multiscale Life Cycle Assessment of innovative solar cells and building integrated applications)
  • Geothermal Resources (Environmental Assessment of technological solutions for impact minimization and carbon neutral applications)
  • Biomasses (LCA of integrated agro-industrial chains for energy and biochemicals production)
  • Energy Efficiency (Life Cycle Assessment for electrical grid system optimization, Rebound effect, Urban system sustainability)
  • Biomimetic systems (Bioprocessing for the synthesis of new compounds, Structure-activity relationships in oxizymes, Immobilization of enzymes, Antimicrobial peptides)


Jez, Sabina
Sabina Jez
Basosi, Riccardo
Riccardo Basosi
Pogni, Rebecca
Rebecca Pogni
Bravi, Mirko
Mirko Bravi
Parisi, Maria Laura
Maria Laura Parisi
Baratto, Maria Camilla
Maria Camilla Baratto
Valori, Luca
Luca Valori
Busi, Elena
Elena Busi
Sinicropi, Adalgisa
Adalgisa Sinicropi
Atrei, Andrea
Andrea Atrei
Maranghi, Simone
Simone Maranghi
Khatib, Maher Al
Maher Al Khatib
Mohammadpourasl, Sanaz
Sanaz Mohammadpourasl
Ferrara, Nicola
Nicola Ferrara
Coppola, Carmen
Carmen Coppola
Rossi, Federico
Federico Rossi


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