Unit Coordinator: Andrea Ceglie

Address: via Francesco De Sanctis, 1, 86100 Campobasso, Italy

Phone: +39 0874 404647

Fax: +39 0874 404652

Unit Coordinator mail: ceglie@unimol.it

Focus Area

  • Phase Equilibria (Characterization of Liquid Crystalline Phases, Surfactant Self Assemblies, Emulsions, Formulations for Food Processing Industries)
  • Drug delivery systems (Lecithin organogels, Polyelectrolyte nanocapsules, Nanovectors for intraocular drug delivery
  • Physical Chemistry of polymeric and lipid nanocarriers
  • Assembly
  • Methods for pesticides dioxins, antibiotics, phthalates, heavy metals determinations


De Socio, Paolo
Paolo De Socio
Ambrosone, Luigi
Luigi Ambrosone
Lopez, Francesco
Francesco Lopez
Cuomo, Francesca
Francesca Cuomo
Costagliola, Ciro
Ciro Costagliola
Ceglie, Andrea
Andrea Ceglie
Cinelli, Giuseppe
Giuseppe Cinelli
Venditti, Francesco
Francesco Venditti
Di Nezza, Francesca
Francesca Di Nezza
Bufalo, Gennaro
Gennaro Bufalo
Cofelice, Martina
Martina Cofelice
Perugini, Luisa
Luisa Perugini


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