Consorzio Interuniversitario per lo sviluppo dei Sistemi a Grande Interfase
Center for Colloid and Surface Science

Personal informations

Position: Permanent Staff


Phone: +39 0577 232414

Location: Siena

Fields of Interest and Expertise

AS recognized research activity comprises the design and characterization by means of life cycle analysis and computational methods of innovative materials for the production of new generation photovoltaics characterized by high efficiency, stability and with high environmental added value. AS coordinates the activities of the “Research on Renewable Energy and Sustainability Lab (R2ESlab)” group ( The group has a robust expertise on renewable energy conversion systems, with a focus on innovative materials/processes and emerging technologies. 

Other activities: Modeling oxidative enzymes, Computational spectroscopy of protein radicals: implications for Electron Transfer processes, Modeling fluorescent proteins    



Curriculum Vitae






Luminescent solar concentrators with outstanding optical properties by employment of D-A-D quinoxaline fluorophores

- Papucci C. - Charaf R. - Carmen Coppola - Adalgisa Sinicropi - Di Donato M. - Taddei M. - Foggi P. - Battisti A. - De Jong B. - Zani L. - Mordini A. - Pucci A. - Calamante M. - Reginato G.
Journal of Materials Chemistry C

D-A-π-A organic dyes with tailored green light absorption for potential application in greenhouse-integrated dye-sensitized solar cells

- Dessì A. - Chalkias D.A. - Bilancia S. - Adalgisa Sinicropi - Calamante M. - Mordini A. - Karavioti A. - Stathatos E. - Zani L. - Reginato G.
Sustainable Energy and Fuels

The β-hairpin from the Thermus thermophilus HB27 laccase works as a pH-dependent switch to regulate laccase activity

- Miranda-Blancas R. - Avelar M. - Rodriguez-Arteaga A. - Adalgisa Sinicropi - Rudiño-Piñera E.
Journal of Structural Biology

Benzo[1,2-d:4,5-d′]bisthiazole fluorophores for luminescent solar concentrators: synthesis, optical properties and effect of the polymer matrix on the device performances

- Papucci C. - Dessì A. - Carmen Coppola - Adalgisa Sinicropi - Santi G. - Di Donato M. - Taddei M. - Foggi P. - Zani L. - Reginato G. - Pucci A. - Calamante M. - Mordini A.
Dyes and Pigments

Donor-Acceptor-Donor Thienopyrazine-Based Dyes as NIR-Emitting AIEgens

- Goti G. - Calamante M. - Carmen Coppola - Dessì A. - Franchi D. - Mordini A. - Adalgisa Sinicropi - Zani L. - Reginato G.
European Journal of Organic Chemistry

Synthesis and characterization of new organic dyes containing the indigo core

- Franchi D. - Calamante M. - Carmen Coppola - Mordini A. - Reginato G. - Adalgisa Sinicropi - Zani L.

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