Consorzio Interuniversitario per lo sviluppo dei Sistemi a Grande Interfase
Center for Colloid and Surface Science

Personal informations

Position: Permanent Staff


Phone: 055 457-3048

Location: Florence

Fields of Interest and Expertise

Vectors for drug and gene delivery.

Boron Neutron Capture Therapy.

Reaction-diffusion in micro and nano-structured systems.

Tetra-aza macrocycles.

Antioxidant from vegetables.

Neutron and X-ray Scattering Techniques.

Magnetic Resonance Techniques.



Metodologie Chimico-Fisiche (LT Biotecnologie, Univ. Firenze)


Curriculum Vitae

Jun 1987: Degree in Chemistry, at the University of Florence (110 cum laude/110). Title: "Study by ESR Spectroscopy of the Status of Water Adsorbed on Nafion".

1988-1989: Accademia dei Lincei fellowship "Perfluorinated surfactant and polymer aggregation studied by ESR spectroscopy".

1990-1992: PhD in Chemical Sciences at the University of Florence. Title: "Chemico-Physical Characterization of Perfluorinated Compounds” Advisor: Prof. G. Martini (University of Florence); co-advisor: Dr. M. Pineri (CEA, Grenoble).

1992-1999: Studies and research activity at: Service d’Etudes des Architectures Moléculaires (CEA, Grenoble);European Center for Magnetic Resonance (CERM), University of Florence; Service de Chimie Moléculaire (CEA, Saclay); Groupe de Dynamique des Phases Condensées (Université de Montpellier II).

1999-present: Research fellow at the Dept. of Chemistry of the University of Florence.

2003-present: Visiting researcher at: Department of Bioengineering & Chemical Engineering (University of Washington, Seattle, WA); Department of Chemistry (Brendais University, MA); Department of Interfaces (Max Plank Institute for Colloid and Interface Science, Potsdam).



Synchronization scenarios induced by delayed communication in arrays of diffusively coupled autonomous chemical oscillators

- Budroni M.A. - Pagano G. - Conte D. - Paternoster B. - D'Ambrosio R. - Sandra Ristori - Abou-Hassan A. - Rossi F.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

Green and cost-effective synthesis of copper nanoparticles by extracts of non-edible and waste plant materials from Vaccinium species: Characterization and antimicrobial activity

- Benassai E. - Del Bubba M. - Ancillotti C. - Colzi I. - Gonnelli C. - Calisi N. - Salvatici M.C. - Casalone E. - Sandra Ristori
Materials Science and Engineering C

Lipids from algal biomass provide new (nonlamellar) nanovectors with high carrier potentiality for natural antioxidants

- Clemente I. - Claudia Bonechi - Rodolfi L. - Bacia-Verloop M. - Claudio Rossi - Sandra Ristori
European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics

Eco-Friendly Lipid Nanoformulations: Toward Greener Alternatives for Organic Extraction Solvents

- Clemente I. - Menicucci F. - Sautariello G. - Sandra Ristori
Lecture Notes in Bioengineering

Membrane Structure Drives Synchronization Patterns in Arrays of Diffusively Coupled Self-Oscillating Droplets

- Budroni M.A. - Torbensen K. - Sandra Ristori - Abou-Hassan A. - Rossi F.
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters

Microfluidic compartmentalization of diffusively coupled oscillators in multisomes induces a novel synchronization scenario

- Budroni M.A. - Torbensen K. - Pantani O.L. - Sandra Ristori - Rossi F. - Abou-Hassan A.
Chemical Communications

A new method for the direct tracking of in vivo lignin nanocapsules in Eragrostis tef (Poaceae) tissues

- Sara Falsini - Tani C. - Schiff S. - Gonnelli C. - Clemente I. - Sandra Ristori - Papini A.
European Journal of Histochemistry

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