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Center for Colloid and Surface Science

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Location: Perugia

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Green solvent-processed complementary-like inverters based on ambipolar organic thin-film transistors

- Lee M. - Yun S. - Ho D. - Earmme T. - Marrocchi A. - Luigi Vaccaro - Kim C.
Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Si-Gly-CD-PdNPs as a hybrid heterogeneous catalyst for environmentally friendly continuous flow Sonogashira cross-coupling

- Ferlin F. - Sciosci D. - Valentini F. - Menzio J. - Cravotto G. - Martina K. - Luigi Vaccaro
Green Chemistry

Catalytic Biomass Upgrading Exploiting Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LOHCs)

- Ferlin F. - Valentini F. - Marrocchi A. - Luigi Vaccaro
ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering

Quantitative Sustainability Assessment of Flow Chemistry-From Simple Metrics to Holistic Assessment

- Hessel V. - Escribà-Gelonch M. - Bricout J. - Tran N.N. - Anastasopoulou A. - Ferlin F. - Valentini F. - Lanari D. - Luigi Vaccaro
ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering

Pd/C-catalyzed aerobic oxidative C–H alkenylation of arenes in γ-valerolactone (GVL)

- Anastasiou I. - Ferlin F. - Viteritti O. - Santoro S. - Luigi Vaccaro
Molecular Catalysis

A Waste-Minimized Approach to Cassar-Heck Reaction Based on POLITAG-Pd0 Heterogeneous Catalyst and Recoverable Acetonitrile Azeotrope

- Valentini F. - Ferlin F. - Tomarelli E. - Mahmoudi H. - Bagherzadeh M. - Calamante M. - Luigi Vaccaro

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