Consorzio Interuniversitario per lo sviluppo dei Sistemi a Grande Interfase
Center for Colloid and Surface Science

Personal information

Position: Permanent Staff


Phone: +39 095 7385083

Location: Catania

Fields of Interest and Expertise

Self-assembly of amphiphilic peptides on surface

Nanostructured surfaces

Interaction biomolecules-surface

Phospholipids on surface

SAM of Calix[n]arenes on surfaces

Surface functionalization


Curriculum Vitae

Dec 2003: Graduation in Chemistry, at the University of Catania. Title: "Bioactive metabolites from Sarcodon Leucopus”.

2005-2006: University of Catania fellowship on "Preparation and characterization of nanostructured surfaces by using self-assembling strategies of colloidal system ".

2005-2008: PhD (Dottorato di Ricerca) in Chemical Sciences at the University of Catania. Title: "A study of molecular self-organizing processes at surfaces". Advisor: Prof. G. Marletta (University of Catania).

2007-2008: Research activity at Westfalische Wilhelm-Universität Physikalisches      Institüt Münster (Germany) Supervisor: Prof. Harald Fuchs.

2009-2010: CSGI fellowship on "Chemical methodology for surface biofunctionalization".

Since 2010: Post-Doc at the Dept. of Chemistry of the University of Catania.



Electrospun Chitosan Functionalized with C12, C14 or C16 Tails for Blood-Contacting Medical Devices

- Dettin M. - Roso M. - Grazia Maria Lucia Messina - Iucci G. - Peluso V. - Russo T. - Zamuner A. - Santi M. - Manani S.M. - Zanella M. - Battocchio C. - Giovanni Marletta - Modesti M. - Rassu M. - De Cal M. - Ronco C.

Bioactivated oxidized polyvinyl alcohol towards next-generation nerve conduits development

- Stocco E. - Barbon S. - Lamanna A. - De Rose E. - Zamuner A. - Sandrin D. - Marsotto M. - Auditore A. - Grazia Maria Lucia Messina - Antonino Licciardello - Iucci G. - Macchi V. - De Caro R. - Dettin M. - Porzionato A.

Porphyrin-based supramolecular flags in the thermal gradients’ wind: What breaks the symmetry, how and why

- Nicosia A. - Vento F. - Giovanni Marletta - Grazia Maria Lucia Messina - Satriano C. - Villari V. - Micali N. - De Martino M.T. - Schotman M.J.G. - Mineo P.G.

EAK Hydrogels Cross-Linked by Disulfide Bonds: Cys Number and Position Are Matched to Performances

- Calvanese L. - Brun P. - Grazia Maria Lucia Messina - Russo T. - Zamuner A. - Falcigno L. - D'Auria G. - Gloria A. - Vitagliano L. - Giovanni Marletta - Dettin M.
ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering

M13 bacteriophages as bioreceptors in biosensor device

- De Plano L. - Franco D. - Rizzo M. - Crea S. - Grazia Maria Lucia Messina - Giovanni Marletta - Guglielmino S.
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering

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