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Consorzio Interuniversitario per lo sviluppo dei Sistemi a Grande Interfase
Center for Colloid and Surface Science





LCA as a support tool for the evaluation of industrial scale-up

- Maranghi S. - Maria Laura Parisi - Riccardo Basosi - Adalgisa Sinicropi
Life Cycle Assessment in the Chemical Product Chain: Challenges, Methodological Approaches and Applications

Combined LCA and Green Metrics Approach for the Sustainability Assessment of an Organic Dye Synthesis on Lab Scale

- Maria Laura Parisi - Dessì A. - Zani L. - Maranghi S. - Mohammadpourasl S. - Calamante M. - Mordini A. - Riccardo Basosi - Reginato G. - Adalgisa Sinicropi
Frontiers in Chemistry


Energy technologies and perspectives for human and environmental wellbeing

- Ulgiati S. - Casazza M. - Kordas O. - Vanoli L. - Riccardo Basosi - Mauro A.

New Blue Donor-Acceptor Pechmann Dyes: Synthesis, Spectroscopic, Electrochemical, and Computational Studies

- Dessì A. - Adalgisa Sinicropi - Mohammadpourasl S. - Riccardo Basosi - Taddei M. - Fabrizi De Biani F. - Calamante M. - Zani L. - Mordini A. - Bracq P. - Franchi D. - Reginato G.
ACS Omega


- Riccardo Basosi - Cellura M. - Longo S. - Maria Laura Parisi
Green Energy and Technology



Energy policy within and beyond urban systems

- Riccardo Basosi - Casazza M. - Schnitzer H.
Energy Policy

Photoinduced excitation and charge transfer processes of organic dyes with siloxane anchoring groups: A combined spectroscopic and computational study

- Castellucci E. - Monini M. - Bessi M. - Iagatti A. - Bussotti L. - Adalgisa Sinicropi - Calamante M. - Zani L. - Riccardo Basosi - Reginato G. - Mordini A. - Foggi P. - Di Donato M.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

Synthesis of Silatrane-Containing Organic Sensitizers as Precursors for the Silyloxyl Anchoring Group in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

- Bessi M. - Monini M. - Calamante M. - Mordini A. - Adalgisa Sinicropi - Riccardo Basosi - Di Donato M. - Foggi P. - Iagatti A. - Zani L. - Reginato G.
Synthesis (Germany)


A generation-attraction model for renewable energy flows in Italy: A complex network approach

- Valori L. - Giannuzzi G.L. - Facchini A. - Squartini T. - Garlaschelli D. - Riccardo Basosi
European Physical Journal: Special Topics

Tryptophan-surface modification of versatile peroxidase from Bjerkandera adusta enhances its catalytic performance

- Sánchez-Alejandro F. - Juarez-Moreno K. - Maria Camilla Baratto - Riccardo Basosi - Vazquez-Duhalt R.
Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic


Rebound effect and structural change

- Ruzzenenti F. - Picciolo F. - Riccardo Basosi
Energy Security and Development: The Global Context and Indian Perspectives

Società Chimica Italiana Prizes 2014

- Gatteschi D. - Bellussi G. - Prato M. - Sannicolò F. - Aime S. - Riccardo Basosi - Venturi M. - Vincenzo Barone - Groppo E.
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition

LCA of Arundo donax L. lignocellulosic feedstock production under Mediterranean conditions

- Forte A. - Zucaro A. - Fagnano M. - Bastianoni S. - Riccardo Basosi - Fierro A.
Biomass and Bioenergy

Thiazolo[5,4-d]thiazole-based organic sensitizers with strong visible light absorption for transparent, efficient and stable dye-sensitized solar cells

- Dessì A. - Calamante M. - Mordini A. - Peruzzini M. - Adalgisa Sinicropi - Riccardo Basosi - Fabrizi De Biani F. - Taddei M. - Colonna D. - Di Carlo A. - Reginato G. - Zani L.
RSC Advances