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Center for Colloid and Surface Science



TA Instruments DSC 2500 Discovery

DSC TA Instruments 2500 Discovery. Latest generation calorimeter with advanced Tzero® technology for the optimization of the baseline. Equipped with an autosampler with 54 positions. Ideal for the study of thermal events including heat transfer or variations in thermal capacity (phase transitions, chemical reactions, structural variations, ...) with determination of enthalpies and kinetics of processes (rate constants, activation energies, kinetic laws, etc). Temperature range: - 90 ° C - 725 ° C.

TA Instruments SDT650 Discovery

TA Instruments SDT650 Discovery. Horizontal double arm scale design. The instrument allows the simultaneous determination of heat flux and gravimetric variations in the temperature range between RT and 1500 °C.

TAInstrument TGA Q5000

The instrument allows the thermogravimetric analysis of materials from room temperature to 1000°C under inert atmosphere by IR heating, that allows very high scanning rate (up to 200°C/min). 

TAInstrument Q2000

Two instruments are at disposal, allowing the calorimetric measurements from -80°C or from -45°C respectively to 350°C under 1 bar inert atmosphere. One of the instrument allows the modulated DSC mode. 


This intelligent thermogravimetric analyser allows the sudy of the gas - solid interactions and the evaluation of the amount of gas absorbed-adsorbed-desorbed from -20°C to 500°C and from vacuum to 20 bar. Hydrogen sorption studies are usually performed. 

TAInstrument Q600

The instrument allows the simultaneous determination of thermal events and gravimetric changes in the temperature range room temperature-1000 °C. Fields of application: all the phenomena where thermodynamic transition and/or chemical processes occur involving enthalpy and/or weight changes.