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Center for Colloid and Surface Science

Analytical Techniques

Analytical Techniques

Jasco J-715 Circular Dichroism

Circular Dichroism measures the difference in absorption coefficients of an optically active sample for left and right circularly polarized light. It is the method of choice for the determination of conformational details, such as protein secondary and tertiary structure, to monitor folding or binding and to assess purity of optically active substances (polymers, pahrmaceuticals, etc..). A circulating bath temperature control is available.

Bruker Elexys E-500 X band EPR spectrometer

The EPR spectrometer is Bruker Elexys E-500 working at X-band (9 GHz) and is equipped with a super-high sensitivity probe head. It is used for materials characterization.


  • Working frequency range: 9.2 – 9.9 GHz
  • Output microwave power in levelled mode: 200 mW;
  • Super-High Sensitivity CW-EPR Resonator
  • Unloaded Q-factor: > 16 000
  • Max modulation amplitude: 20 G
  • Window for optical access
  • Weak Pitch signal-to-noise ratio: 3000 : 1
  • Absolute sensitivity: 1.0 x 109 spins / 1 G line width
  • Measurements at 77 K with liquid nitrogen finger dewars
  • Automated goniometer for angular dependency measurements of single crystals



Oxford INCA Energy X-MAX 50

The probe allows the elemental analysis from Be to elements with higher atomic mass.

Bruker Elexsys Series E580 Spectrometer

Bruker Elexsys Series E580 Spectrometer equipped with:

  • Bruker ER 049X microwave bridge at 9GHz for Continuous Wave (CW) mode
  • Bruker SuperQFT microwave bridge at 35GHz for CW and Pulsed mode
  • Jagmar EPR microwave Bridge SB-1111 at 3GHz for CW mode
  • Bruker ER4122 SHQE 0208 X-band cavity
  • Bruker ER4122 SHQE-W1 X-band cavity
  • Bruker E5805500 Q-band probe
  • Medical Advances Sn° 00103(11) S-band loopgap
  • Oxford Instrument ESR900 Continuous Flow Cryostat for the range of temperatures 3K-300K.
  • Bruker Variable Temperature Unit ER 4111 VT for the range of temperature 100K-330K.
Varian 918103 – V7300 Magnet Assembly Q-band Spectrometer