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SIENA STCDB CSGI Unit published three papers

Three papers were recently published in collaboration with the Siena STCDB CSGI unit, which report on some interesting environmental aspects, some of which related to the Covid-19 pandemic. Click on the following links to know more:

  1. Liu, D., Yang, H., Thompson, J.R., Li, J., Loiselle, S. and Duan, H., 2022 - "COVID-19 lockdown improved river water quality in China" - Science of the Total Environment, 802, p.149585.
  2. Winton, D., Marazzi, L. and Loiselle, S., 2022 - "Drivers of public plastic (mis) use - New insights from changes in single-use plastic usage during the Covid-19 pandemic" - Science of The Total Environment, 849, p.157672.
  3. Di Grazia, F., Gumiero, B., Galgani, L., Troiani, E., Ferri, M. and Loiselle, S.A., 2021 - "Ecosystem Services Evaluation of Nature-Based Solutions with the Help of Citizen Scientists" -  Sustainability, 13(19), p.10629.