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Ceremony for the naming of a classroom to Prof. Ferroni.

A classroom of the Department of Chemistry was named to Enzo Ferroni, former rector of the University of Florence from 1976 to 1979, dean of the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences and first director of the department.

The ceremony took place on Monday, September 12th in the presence of the Dean Alessandra Petrucci. Among others, also the director of the Department of Chemistry Prof. Barbara Valtancoli, the president of the "Enzo Ferroni Foundation" Debora Berti and Piero Baglioni, University representative on the Board of Directors of the CSGI Consortium.

[In the picture, from the right: Dean Alessandra Petrucci, Piero Baglioni, Barbara Valtancoli, Debora Berti]

Ferroni was one of the first proponents of science applied to art and the preservation of cultural heritage. His passion for contributing to the preservation of works of art was born during the Florentine flood of 1966: he invented, together with the great restorer of frescoes Dino Dini, a method for desulphurisation of frescoes based on the double and subsequent application of ammonium carbonate and barium hydroxide, a method now applied worldwide.