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BOW: new cover in Nanoscale Advances

The Journal Nanoscale Advances, edited by the Royal Society of Chemistry, in its July issue (2023, 5, 4703) has published the article Surface functionalization of extracellular vesicle nanoparticles with antibodies: a first study on the protein corona “variable”, which has also been included in the Cover of the Journal.

The article, funded by the PRIN 2017 and BOW Projects, is signed by researches from the DMMT and DSMC departments, coordinated by Prof. Annalisa Radeghieri and Prof. Giuseppe Pomarico.

The main focus of the work is the medical use of the “protein crown” in the processes of functionalization of Extracellular Vesicles (EVs) obtained from erythrocytes. EVs can be modified and used to deliver pharmaceutical molecules or nucleic acids (i.e. in genic therapy), thus contributing to the development of a new technology that integrates both natural and synthetic systems.