To place an order from Italy, France, Spain, UK, and North America (Usa, Canada, Mexico), please, download the order form, fill it and send it to products@csgi.unifi.it. As soon as possible we will send you the quotation for the products that you need.

In the rest of the world, the official distributor is Deffner & Johann GmbH and orders can be placed via the Deffner & Johann GmbH website.

For technical questions, you can contact the following e-mail address: assistance@csgi.unifi.it. We will be glad to help you with your request by providing you with any further useful information.

In case you would like to perform preliminary tests prior to buy a specific product, we kindly suggest you to purchase the Test Kit available for Nanorestore Cleaning®, Nanorestore Gel®, Nanorestore Plus® and Nanorestore Paper®.

Finally, if none of the products meet the specific requirements of your conservation case, we are open to search for a possible modification of the existing formulations, which could be suitable for your need. In that case, you could write us (assistance@csgi.unifi.it) with the detailed description of your need.
For technical questions:


For placing an order or for administrative support: