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Center for Colloid and Surface Science


Here you can find the updated list of all the publications of CSGI members and affilated staff. Please note that the only publications listed here are those published after the affilation of each member. If you are interested in the whole bibliography of CSGI members, including articles and books published before affilation to CSGI, please refer to academic research databases, such as Scopus, Web Of Science, Google Scholar, ect.

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Treatment of NSAPs-rich petrochemical wastewaters using a two-stage combined process of fungi and activated sludge

- Palli L. - Tilli S. - Gregorio S.D. - Andrea Scozzafava - Gori R.
Environmental Technology (United Kingdom)


Mechanism of action of carbonic anhydrase inhibitors: Compounds occluding the entrance of the active site

- Claudiu Supuran - Andrea Scozzafava
Carbonic Anhydrases: Biochemistry and Pharmacology of an Evergreen Pharmaceutical Target


Dioxygen, an unexpected carbonic anhydrase ligand

- Ferraroni M. - Gaspari R. - Andrea Scozzafava - Cavalli A. - Claudiu Supuran
Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry

Discovery of Novel Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs and Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors Hybrids (NSAIDs-CAIs) for the Management of Rheumatoid Arthritis

- Akgul O. - Di Cesare Mannelli L. - Daniela Vullo - Angeli A. - Ghelardini C. - Bartolucci G. - Alfawaz Altamimi A.S. - Andrea Scozzafava - Claudiu Supuran - Fabrizio Carta
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry


Pharmaceuticals in wastewater treatment plants of tuscany: Occurrence and toxicity

- Palli L. - Spina F. - Varese C. - Romagnolo A. - Bonari A. - Bossi C. - Pompilio I. - Dugheri S. - Tilli S. - Andrea Scozzafava - Santianni D. - Caffaz S. - Gori R.
Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering

The crystal structures of native hydroquinone 1,2-dioxygenase from Sphingomonas sp. TTNP3 and of substrate and inhibitor complexes

- Ferraroni M. - Da Vela S. - Kolvenbach B.A. - Corvini P.F.X. - Andrea Scozzafava
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Proteins and Proteomics


Rosmarinic acid inhibits some metabolic enzymes including glutathione S-transferase, lactoperoxidase, acetylcholinesterase, butyrylcholinesterase and carbonic anhydrase isoenzymes

- Gülçin İ. - Andrea Scozzafava - Claudiu Supuran - Koksal Z. - Turkan F. - Çetinkaya S. - Bingöl Z. - Huyut Z. - Alwasel S.
Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry

Sulfonamide inhibition studies of the γ-carbonic anhydrase from the Antarctic bacterium Colwellia psychrerythraea

- Daniela Vullo - De Luca V. - Del Prete S. - Carginale V. - Andrea Scozzafava - Osman S. - Alothman Z. - Clemente Capasso - Claudiu Supuran
Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters


Targeting tumour hypoxia to prevent cancer metastasis. From biology, biosensing and technology to drug development: The METOXIA consortium

- Pettersen E.O. - Ebbesen P. - Gieling R.G. - Williams K.J. - Dubois L. - Lambin P. - Ward C. - Meehan J. - Kunkler I.H. - Langdon S.P. - Ree A.H. - Flatmark K. - Lyng H. - Calzada M.J. - Peso L.D. - Landazuri M.O. - Görlach A. - Flamm H. - Kieninger J. - Urban G. - Weltin A. - Singleton D.C. - Haider S. - Buffa F.M. - Harris A.L. - Andrea Scozzafava - Claudiu Supuran - Moser I. - Jobst G. - Busk M. - Toustrup K. - Overgaard J. - Alsner J. - Pouyssegur J. - Chiche J. - Mazure N. - Marchiq I. - Parks S. - Ahmed A. - Ashcroft M. - Pastorekova S. - Cao Y. - Rouschop K.M. - Wouters B.G. - Koritzinsky M. - Mujcic H. - Cojocari D.
Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry

A class of sulfonamide carbonic anhydrase inhibitors with neuropathic pain modulating effects

- Fabrizio Carta - Di Cesare Mannelli L. - Pinard M. - Ghelardini C. - Andrea Scozzafava - McKenna R. - Claudiu Supuran
Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry

Peptidomimetics as protein arginine deiminase 4 (PAD4) inhibitors

- Trabocchi A. - Pala N. - Krimmelbein I. - Menchi G. - Guarna A. - Sechi M. - Dreker T. - Andrea Scozzafava - Claudiu Supuran - Fabrizio Carta
Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry

Plasmonic particles that hit hypoxic cells

- Ratto F. - Witort E. - Tatini F. - Centi S. - Lazzeri L. - Fabrizio Carta - Lulli M. - Daniela Vullo - Fusi F. - Claudiu Supuran - Andrea Scozzafava - Capaccioli S. - Pini R.
Advanced Functional Materials


Secondary/tertiary benzenesulfonamides with inhibitory action against the cytosolic human carbonic anhydrase isoforms i and II

- Alp C. - Maresca A. - Alp N. - Gültekin M. - Ekinci D. - Andrea Scozzafava - Claudiu Supuran
Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry

Structural basis for the substrate specificity and the absence of dehalogenation activity in 2-chloromuconate cycloisomerase from Rhodococcus opacus 1CP

- Kolomytseva M. - Ferraroni M. - Chernykh A. - Golovleva L. - Andrea Scozzafava
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Proteins and Proteomics

Crystallization and preliminary X-ray crystallographic analysis of the small subunit of the heterodimeric laccase POXA3b from Pleurotus ostreatus

- Ferraroni M. - Andrea Scozzafava - Ullah S. - Tron T. - Piscitelli A. - Sannia G.
Acta Crystallographica Section F:Structural Biology Communications

Furazan and furoxan sulfonamides are strong α-carbonic anhydrase inhibitors and potential antiglaucoma agents

- Chegaev K. - Lazzarato L. - Tamboli Y. - Boschi D. - Blangetti M. - Andrea Scozzafava - Fabrizio Carta - Masini E. - Fruttero R. - Claudiu Supuran - Gasco A.
Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry