Consorzio Interuniversitario per lo sviluppo dei Sistemi a Grande Interfase
Center for Colloid and Surface Science


Here you can find the updated list of all the publications of CSGI members and affilated staff. Please note that the only publications listed here are those published after the affilation of each member. If you are interested in the whole bibliography of CSGI members, including articles and books published before affilation to CSGI, please refer to academic research databases, such as Scopus, Web Of Science, Google Scholar, ect.

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A novel biorefinery concept based on marginally used halophyte biomass

- Monção M. - Thoresen P.P. - Wretborn T. - Heiko Lange - Rova U. - Christakopoulos P. - Matsakas L.
Sustainable Energy and Fuels

The influence of wood surface treatments with different biomolecules on dry and wet strength of linear friction welded joints

- Stucki S. - Heiko Lange - Dreimol C.H. - Weinand Y. - Burgert I.
Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology

Covalently bound humin-lignin hybrids as important novel substructures in organosolv spruce lignins

- Thoresen P.P. - Heiko Lange - Rova U. - Christakopoulos P. - Matsakas L.
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules

Production and characterization of bio-oil from fluidized bed pyrolysis of olive stones, pinewood, and torrefied feedstock

- Trubetskaya A. - von Berg L. - Johnson R. - Moore S. - Leahy J.J. - Han Y. - Heiko Lange - Anca-Couce A.
Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis

Role and importance of solvents for the fractionation of lignocellulosic biomass

- Paulsen Thoresen P. - Heiko Lange - Rova U. - Christakopoulos P. - Matsakas L.
Bioresource Technology

Tannin microcapsules for synergy-enhanced sunscreen formulations

- Alfonsi E. - Heiko Lange - Zongo L. - Poce G. - Sgarzi M. - Claudia Crestini
Industrial Crops and Products


Recombinatorial approach for the formation of surface-functionalised alkaline-stable lignin nanoparticles and adhesives

- Ferruti F. - Pylypchuk I. - Zoia L. - Heiko Lange - Orlandi M. - Moreno A. - Sipponen M.H.
Green Chemistry

Phenolic Group Distribution as a Function of Molecular Weight in Lignins and Their Fractions

- Salanti A. - Orlandi M. - Heiko Lange - Ferruti F. - Zoia L.
ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering

Characterization of tars from recycling of PHA bioplastic and synthetic plastics using fast pyrolysis

- Akgül A. - Palmeiro-Sanchez T. - Heiko Lange - Magalhaes D. - Moore S. - Paiva A. - Kazanç F. - Trubetskaya A.
Journal of Hazardous Materials


Characterization of Organosolv Birch Lignins: Toward Application-Specific Lignin Production

- Paulsen Thoresen P. - Heiko Lange - Claudia Crestini - Rova U. - Matsakas L. - Christakopoulos P.
ACS Omega


Structural and thermal characterization of novel organosolv lignins from wood and herbaceous sources

- Trubetskaya A. - Heiko Lange - Wittgens B. - Brunsvik A. - Claudia Crestini - Rova U. - Christakopoulos P. - Leahy J.J. - Matsakas L.

Deposition efficacy of natural and synthetic antioxidants on fabrics

- Giannì P. - Heiko Lange - Bianchetti G. - Joos C. - Brogden D.W. - Claudia Crestini
Applied Sciences (Switzerland)

Case Study in Kraft Lignin Fractionation: "Structurally Purified" Lignin Fractions-The Role of Solvent H-Bonding Affinity

- Ebrahimi Majdar R. - Ghasemian A. - Resalati H. - Saraeian A. - Claudia Crestini - Heiko Lange
ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering


Phase Change Ultrasound Contrast Agents with a Photopolymerized Diacetylene Shell

- Yosra Toumia - Cerroni B. - Domenici F. - Heiko Lange - Bianchi L. - Cociorb M. - Brasili F. - Ester Chiessi - D'Agostino E. - Van Den Abeele K. - Heymans S.V. - D'Hooge J. - Gaio Paradossi


Chapter 15: Lignin Analytics

- Heiko Lange - Giannì P. - Claudia Crestini
RSC Energy and Environment Series

Lipoxygenase: Unprecedented Carbon-Centered Lignin Activation

- Giannì P. - Heiko Lange - Claudia Crestini
ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering


On the structure of softwood kraft lignin

- Claudia Crestini - Heiko Lange - Sette M. - Argyropoulos D.S.
Green Chemistry

Structural changes of lignin in biorefinery pretreatments and consequences to enzyme-lignin interactions

- Sipponen M.H. - Rahikainen J. - Leskinen T. - Pihlajaniemi V. - Mattinen M.L. - Heiko Lange - Claudia Crestini - Österberg M.O.
Nordic Pulp and Paper Research Journal


Ultrasound-assisted functionalization of polyphenols #32

- Bartzoka E.D. - Heiko Lange - Claudia Crestini
Handbook of Ultrasonics and Sonochemistry

Chemoenzymatic Fractionation and Characterization of Pretreated Birch Outer Bark

- Karnaouri A. - Heiko Lange - Claudia Crestini - Rova U. - Christakopoulos P.
ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering

Fractional Precipitation of Wheat Straw Organosolv Lignin: Macroscopic Properties and Structural Insights

- Heiko Lange - Schiffels P. - Sette M. - Sevastyanova O. - Claudia Crestini
ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering

Isolation and Characterization of Organosolv and Alkaline Lignins from Hardwood and Softwood Biomass

- Nitsos C. - Stoklosa R. - Karnaouri A. - Vörös D. - Heiko Lange - Hodge D. - Claudia Crestini - Rova U. - Christakopoulos P.
ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering