Consorzio Interuniversitario per lo sviluppo dei Sistemi a Grande Interfase
Center for Colloid and Surface Science


Here you can find the updated list of all the publications of CSGI members and affilated staff. Please note that the only publications listed here are those published after the affilation of each member. If you are interested in the whole bibliography of CSGI members, including articles and books published before affilation to CSGI, please refer to academic research databases, such as Scopus, Web Of Science, Google Scholar, ect.

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Customizing thermometry: Optimizing the operating temperature range of phase transition-based ratiometric luminescence thermometers

- Marciniak L. - Piotrowski W.M. - Szymczak M. - Drozd M. - Kinzhybalo V. - Michele Back
Chemical Engineering Journal


Chirality in luminescent Cs3Cu2Br5 microcrystals produced via ligand-assisted reprecipitation

- Branzi L. - Kavanagh A. - Michele Back - Speghini A. - Gun’ko Y.K. - Alvise Benedetti
Chemical Communications

PEG-Coated MnZn Ferrite Nanoparticles with Hierarchical Structure as MRI Contrast Agent

- Cheraghali S. - Dini G. - Caligiuri I. - Michele Back - Rizzolio F.


ZnSnO3 or Zn2SnO4/SnO2 Hierarchical Material? Insight into the Formation of ZnSn(OH)6 Derived Oxides

- Redolfi-Bristol D. - Branzi L. - Michele Back - Riello P. - Speghini A. - Pinna N. - Alvise Benedetti

Chiral non-stoichiometric ternary silver indium sulfide quantum dots: investigation on the chirality transfer by cysteine

- Branzi L. - Purcell-Milton F. - Cressoni C. - Michele Back - Cattaruzza E. - Speghini A. - Gun'ko Y.K. - Alvise Benedetti

Near-infrared phosphors with persistent luminescence over 1000 nm for optical imaging

- Xu J. - Michele Back - Tanabe S.
Phosphor Handbook: Experimental Methods for Phosphor Evaluation and Characterization

Fast and non-destructive neutron activation analysis for simultaneous determination of TiO2 and SiO2 in sunscreens with attention to regulatory and research issues

- Sabbioni E. - Manenti S. - Magarini R. - Petrarca C. - Poma A.M.G. - Zaccariello G. - Michele Back - Alvise Benedetti - Di Gioacchino M. - Mignini E. - Pirotta G. - Riscassi R. - Salvini A. - Groppi F.
Analytica Chimica Acta

Facile Cellulase Immobilisation on Bioinspired Silica

- Lombardi V. - Trande M. - Michele Back - Patwardhan S.V. - Alvise Benedetti


Boltzmann Thermometry in Cr3+-Doped Ga2O3 Polymorphs: The Structure Matters!

- Michele Back - Ueda J. - Nambu H. - Fujita M. - Yamamoto A. - Yoshida H. - Tanaka H. - Brik M.G. - Tanabe S.
Advanced Optical Materials


Sodium niobate based hierarchical 3D perovskite nanoparticle clusters

- Branzi L. - Michele Back - Cortelletti P. - Pinna N. - Alvise Benedetti - Speghini A.
Dalton Transactions

Confined-Melting-Assisted Synthesis of Bismuth Silicate Glass-Ceramic Nanoparticles: Formation and Optical Thermometry Investigation

- Michele Back - Casagrande E. - Trave E. - Cristofori D. - Ambrosi E. - Dallo F. - Roman M. - Ueda J. - Xu J. - Tanabe S. - Alvise Benedetti - Riello P.
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces


Bismuth titanate-based UV filters embedded mesoporous silica nanoparticles: Role of bismuth concentration in the self-sealing process

- Zaccariello G. - Michele Back - Alvise Benedetti - Patrizia Canton - Cattaruzza E. - Onoda H. - Glisenti A. - Alimonti A. - Bocca B. - Riello P.
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science


Orthorhombic phase stabilization and transformation phase process in zirconia tantalum-doped powders and spark plasma sintering systems

- Sponchia G. - Boffelli M. - Michele Back - Zhu W. - Domínguez Rodríguez A. - Pezzotti G. - De Portu G. - Riello P. - Alvise Benedetti
Journal of the European Ceramic Society



Oxygen hole states in zirconia lattices: Quantitative aspects of their cathodoluminescence emission

- Boffelli M. - Zhu W. - Michele Back - Sponchia G. - Francese T. - Riello P. - Alvise Benedetti - Pezzotti G.
Journal of Physical Chemistry A


Unexpected optical activity of cerium in Y2O3:Ce 3+, Yb3+, Er3+ up and down-conversion system

- Marin R. - Michele Back - Mazzucco N. - Enrichi F. - Frattini R. - Alvise Benedetti - Riello P.
Dalton Transactions