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Center for Colloid and Surface Science

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Phone: 0382 987-221

Location: Pavia

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Chemical and Physical Characterisation of Macroaggregated Human Serum Albumin: Strength and Specificity of Bonds with99m Tc and68 Ga

- Canziani L. - Marenco M. - Cavenaghi G. - Manfrinato G. - Taglietti A. - Alessandro Girella - Aprile C. - Pepe G. - Lodola L.

Collection and characterization of wood decay fungal strains for developing pure mycelium mats

- Cartabia M. - Girometta C.E. - Chiara Milanese - Baiguera R.M. - Buratti S. - Branciforti D.S. - Vadivel D. - Alessandro Girella - Babbini S. - Savino E. - Dondi D.
Journal of Fungi

Hydrogenation via a low energy mechanochemical approach: The MgB2 case

- Pistidda C. - Santhosh A. - Jerabek P. - Shang Y. - Alessandro Girella - Chiara Milanese - Dore M. - Garroni S. - Bordignon S. - Chierotti M.R. - Klassen T. - Dornheim M.
JPhys Energy

Sustainable hydrogen production via LiH hydrolysis for unmanned air vehicle (UAV) applications

- Khzouz M. - Gkanas E.I. - Alessandro Girella - Statheros T. - Chiara Milanese
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

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