Consorzio Interuniversitario per lo sviluppo dei Sistemi a Grande Interfase
Center for Colloid and Surface Science

Personal informations

Position: Permanent Staff


Phone: +39 0382 987667

Location: Pavia

Fields of Interest and Expertise

Thermal, spectroscopic and structural characterization of different solid phases of drugs and their interconversions.

Drug-excipient compatibility.

Cyclodextrin-guest inclusion compounds: studies of the complexation reactions, composition, hydration level, structure and stability of solid phase complexes.



Chimica Fisica (LM Farmacia, Univ. Pavia)

Chimica Fisica dei Sistemi Dispersi (Master in Scienze Cosmetologiche, Univ. Pavia)


Curriculum Vitae

1989: Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology, at the University of Pavia (110cum laude/110). Title: "Forma di dosaggio ad unità multiple per il rilascio modificato di farmaci".

1990: Degree in Pharmacy, at the University of Pavia (110/110). Title: " La tecnologia di estrusione-sferonizzazione nella preparazione di forme farmaceutiche a rilascio modificato".

1990: Scholarship from POLI (Quinto de Stampi, MI) on: "Characterization and stability of crystalline forms of drugs".

1991-1994: PhD (Dottorato di Ricerca) in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology at the University of Pavia. Title: "Study of natural and sintetic polymers as adiuvants in the pharmaceutical formulation".

1994-present: Researcher at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Pavia, Dept. of Physical Chemistry.



Tableted hydrophilic electrospun nanofibers to promote meloxicam dissolution rate

- Pisani S. - Friuli V. - Conti B. - Giovanna Bruni - Maggi L.
Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology

Electrospun tubular vascular grafts to replace damaged peripheral arteries: A preliminary formulation study

- Dorati R. - Pisani S. - Chiesa E. - Genta I. - Giovanna Bruni - Modena T. - Conti B.
International Journal of Pharmaceutics

Microfluidic-assisted synthesis of multifunctional iodinated contrast agent polymeric nanoplatforms

- Chiesa E. - Greco A. - Dorati R. - Conti B. - Giovanna Bruni - Lamprou D. - Genta I.
International Journal of Pharmaceutics

Tubular electrospun vancomycin-loaded vascular grafts: Formulation study and physicochemical characterization

- Dorati R. - Chiesa E. - Rosalia M. - Pisani S. - Genta I. - Giovanna Bruni - Modena T. - Conti B.

Zinc based metal-organic frameworks as ofloxacin adsorbents in polluted waters: Zif-8 vs. zn3(btc)2

- Doretta Capsoni - Guerra G. - Puscalau C. - Maraschi F. - Giovanna Bruni - Monteforte F. - Profumo A. - Michela Sturini
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Polyurethane-based composites: Effects of antibacterial fillers on the physical-mechanical behavior of thermoplastic polyurethanes

- Villani M. - Consonni R. - Canetti M. - Bertoglio F. - Iervese S. - Giovanna Bruni - Visai L. - Iannace S. - Bertini F.

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