To place an order, please, download the order form, fill it and send it at the products@csgi.unifi.it e-mail address, indicating the product(s) you need, their amount and asking for a quotation. As soon as possible we will send you our best offer for the products that you need.

Only for questions related to pricing, quotations and payment, you can also call the following phone number: +39 055 457 3050.

Please note that no technical information about the products will be given at this number.

However, will be glad to help you with your request by providing you with any further useful information, therefore in your message don't hesitate asking about the application and the usability of our products.

In case you would like to perform preliminary tests prior to buy a specific product, we kindly suggest you to purchase the Test Kit available both for Nanorestore Cleaning® and Nanorestore Gel®.

Finally, if none of the products meet the specific requirements of your conservation case, we are open to search for a possible modification of the existing formulations, which could be suitable for your need. In that case, you could write us (at the same e-mail address: products@csgi.unifi.it) with the detailed description of your need.
For any information, please, contact us!


For administrative support: +39 055 457 3244/3035

For technical questions: +39 055 457 3050/3031/3026