Consorzio Interuniversitario per lo sviluppo dei Sistemi a Grande Interfase
Center for Colloid and Surface Science

Personal information

Position: Associated Staff


Phone: +47 22859512

Location: Universitet i Oslo

Fields of Interest and Expertise

Research and conservation of archaeological wood.

Nanotechnologies for Cultural Heritage Conservation.


Curriculum Vitae

Dec 2007: Bachelor Degree in Conservation Science, at the University of Florence (106/110). Title: "New consolidation treatment for deteriorated wall paintings: application of a dispersion of nanolime in 2-propanol to the 18th century frescoes of SS. Giuda e Simone Cloister, Corniola (Empoli)”.

Sep 2012: Master Degree in Conservation Science at the University of Florence (110 cum laude/110). Title: “Hybrid nanocomposites made of TEOS and nanostructured calcium hydroxide. Application for stone conservation”.

Nov 2013-present: PhD student in Conservation Sciences at the University of Florence. Title: "Nanotechnologies for the restoration of alum-treated archaeological wood". Advisor: Prof. P. Baglioni (University of Florence).



Evaluation of sol-gel hybrid nanocomposites for dry medieval wood

- Fabrizio Andriulo - Vespignani L. - Steindal C.C. - Bortolini M. - de Ferri L.
Journal of Cultural Heritage

Effect of atmospheric exposure on alkali activated binders and mortars from Mt. Etna volcanic precursors

- Occhipinti R. - Caggiani M.C. - Fabrizio Andriulo - Barone G. - de Ferri L. - Mazzoleni P.
Materials Letters

Evaluation of soda lignin from wheat straw/sarkanda grass as a potential future consolidant for archaeological wood

- Łucejko J.J. - de Lamotte A. - Fabrizio Andriulo - Kutzke H. - Harding S. - Phillips-jones M. - Modugno F. - Slaghek T.M. - Gosselink R.J.A. - Braovac S.

Terpene polyacrylate TPA5 shows favorable molecular hydrodynamic properties as a potential bioinspired archaeological wood consolidant

- Cutajar M. - Fabrizio Andriulo - Thomsett M.R. - Moore J.C. - Couturaud B. - Howdle S.M. - Stockman R.A. - Harding S.E.
Scientific Reports

Characterisation of mass distributions of solvent-fractionated lignins using analytical ultracentrifugation and size exclusion chromatography methods

- Lu Y. - Joosten L. - Donkers J. - Fabrizio Andriulo - Slaghek T.M. - Phillips-Jones M.K. - Gosselink R.J.A. - Harding S.E.
Scientific Reports

Nanotechnologies for the restoration of alum-treated archaeological wood

- Fabrizio Andriulo - Braovac S. - Kutzke H. - Rodorico Giorgi - Piero Baglioni
Applied Physics A: Materials Science and Processing

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