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Center for Colloid and Surface Science

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Position: Permanent Staff


Phone: +39 070 6755054

Location: Cagliari

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Voltage evolution and electrochemical behaviour of Soil microbial fuel cells operated in different quality soils

- Dziegielowski J. - Michele Mascia - Metcalfe B. - Di Lorenzo M.
Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments

Anion exchange membrane: A valuable perspective in emerging technologies of low temperature water electrolysis

- Palmas S. - Rodriguez J. - Mais L. - Michele Mascia - Herrando M.C. - Vacca A.
Current Opinion in Electrochemistry

Modelling Miniature Microbial Fuel Cells with Three-dimensional Anodes

- Casula E. - Michele Mascia - De Gioannis G. - Di Lorenzo M. - Isipato M. - Muntoni A. - Spiga D.
E3S Web of Conferences

Comprehensive characterization of a cost-effective microbial fuel cell with Pt-free catalyst cathode and slip-casted ceramic membrane

- Rodríguez J. - Mais L. - Campana R. - Piroddi L. - Michele Mascia - Gurauskis J. - Vacca A. - Palmas S.
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

Electrochemical synthesis of polyaniline/metal-based anodes and their use in microbial fuel cell

- Mais L. - Michele Mascia - Casula E. - Palmas S. - Vacca A. - Rodriguez J.
Chemical Engineering Transactions

Trend in using TiO2 nanotubes as photoelectrodes in PEC processes for wastewater treatment

- Palmas S. - Mais L. - Michele Mascia - Vacca A.
Current Opinion in Electrochemistry

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