Consorzio Interuniversitario per lo sviluppo dei Sistemi a Grande Interfase
Center for Colloid and Surface Science

Personal information

Position: Permanent Staff


Phone: +39 070675505

Location: Cagliari

Fields of Interest and Expertise

Nanostructured Alloys.

Structural characterization.

Thermodynamic Modelling


Materials and techniques for the Restoration and for Architecture, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, University of Cagliari

Chemistry and Engineering materials, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, University of Cagliari

Curriculum Vitae

2009: PhD in Materials Engineering at the University of Bologna. Thesis title " New concept on porosity appraisal in ancient and modern construction materials"

2012 - present: researcher (Assistant Professor) at University of Cagliari 

2017: National Academic Qualification ans Associate Professor



2010: Winner of the AIMAT prize as best PhD thesis, Capovaticano




Stiffening of nanoporous gold: experiment, simulation and theory

- Melis C. - Giorgio Pia - Sogne E. - Falqui A. - Giordano S. - Francesco Delogu - Colombo L.
European Physical Journal Plus

Stable CsPbBr3 Nanocrystals—Decorated Nanoporous Gold for Optoelectronic Applications

- Satta J. - Pinna A. - Giorgio Pia - Pilia L. - Carbonaro C.M. - Chiriu D. - Stagi L. - Abdullah Q.A. - Pier Carlo Ricci

Weathering of earth-painted surfaces: Environmental monitoring and artificial aging

- Cappai M. - Casnedi L. - Carcangiu G. - Francesco Delogu - Pozzi-Escot D. - Pacheco Neyra G. - Giorgio Pia - Meloni P.
Construction and Building Materials

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