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Center for Colloid and Surface Science

Personal information

Position: Permanent Staff


Phone: +39 055457 3282

Location: Florence

Fields of Interest and Expertise

Environmental Chemistry

Source investigation, Distribution and Environmental fate of POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants) with a focus on emerging contaminants

Transport, distribution and accumulation mechanisms of organic compounds in biota

Microplastics and their tracers in the environment

Remediation techniques of contaminated soils

Characterization and source apportionment of organic content of atmospheric particulate

Indoor air quality (IAQ)

Risk assessment of POPs

Environmental sampling and analysis, analytical methods development and optimization

Analytical instrumentation techniques such as GC, GC-MS, HPLC, Elementar analysis



Co-supervisorr of about 36Thesis for the Chemistry and Biology courses (bachelor and master’s degree), visiting PhD students and Erasmus students

Seminars, and lessons to ungraduated students attending the “Environmental Analytical Chemistry – Organic Compounds” class – master’s degree in chemistry, at Department of Chemistry, University of Florence

2009 – present: Examination committee Environmental Analytical Chemistry – Organic Compounds – master’s degree degree in Chemistry, at Department of Chemistry, University of Florence

2009- present: Honorary Fellow of Analytical Chemistry (SSD/CHIM01) (“Cultore della materia”) appointed by the Council of Department of Chemistry, University of Florence (Italy).


Curriculum Vitae

2004: Degree in Chemistry at the University of Florence. Thesis on “Identification and quantitative determination of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) in wastewaters treated by constructed wetlands”.

2004: Research collaboration, as researcher, with CSGI on “"AFM determination of molecules immobilized on substrates"

2005: Research collaboration, as researcher, with Department of Chemistry (Univ. Of Florence)

2006-2008: PhD student in Chemical Sciences (XXI Cycle)

2008: Exchange visitor at Lancaster University and Lancaster Environment Centre (Lancaster, UK)

2009: PhD in Chemical Sciences with a dissertation on "Long-range Transport and Environmental Fate of Persistent Organic Compounds (POPs)

2009: Research collaboration with Department of Chemistry (Univ. Of Florence) on “Antarctic water and air quali- quantitative analysis and and data treatment”

2009 – 2010: Research expeditions to Ny- Alesund (Svalbard Islands, Norway – North Pole) – ARCFAC Project and to Terranova Bay (Mario Zucchelli Station) – XXVI Italian Expedition in Antarctica

2009-2017: Postdoctoral researcher (L. 449/1997 – L. 240/2010) at the Department (Univ. Of Florence) on distribution and environmental fate of legacy and emerging POPs in urban and remote areas

2017-Present: Postdoctoral researcher – Type A (L. 240/2010) at the Department (Univ. Of Florence) on “Dredged sediments remediation by co-composting and their reuse in agricultural applications - DRAGON”

2017: National Scientific Qualification to become Associate Professor in Analytical Chemistry by MIUR (Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale a Professore di Seconda Fascia – SSD 03/A1)



Meso- and microplastic composition, distribution patterns and drivers: A snapshot of plastic pollution on Brazilian beaches

- Pegado T. - Andrades R. - Noleto-Filho E. - Franceschini S. - Soares M. - David Chelazzi - Russo T. - Tania Martellini - Barone A. - Alessandra Cincinelli - Giarrizzo T.
Science of the Total Environment

Microplastic occurrence and phthalate ester levels in neuston samples and skin biopsies of filter-feeding megafauna from La Paz Bay (Mexico)

- Galli M. - Olavarrieta Garcia T. - Baini M. - Urbán R J. - Ramírez-Macías D. - Viloria-Gómora L. - Panti C. - Tania Martellini - Alessandra Cincinelli - Fossi M.C.
Marine Pollution Bulletin

Bioplastics on marine sandy shores: Effects on the key species Talitrus saltator (Montagu, 1808)

- Tania Martellini - Russo A. - Alessandra Cincinelli - Santini S. - Lofrumento C. - Baini M. - Ciattini S. - Conti L. - Mostardini F. - Mercatelli L. - Ugolini A.
Science of the Total Environment

Assessment of contaminants of emerging concern in European apex predators and their prey by LC-QToF MS wide-scope target analysis

- Gkotsis G. - Nika M.C. - Nikolopoulou V. - Alygizakis N. - Bizani E. - Aalizadeh R. - Badry A. - Chadwick E. - Alessandra Cincinelli - Claßen D. - Danielsson S. - Dekker R. - Duke G. - Drost W. - Glowacka N. - Göckener B. - Jansman H.A.H. - Juergens M. - Knopf B. - Koschorreck J. - Krone O. - Tania Martellini - Movalli P. - Persson S. - Potter E.D. - Rohner S. - Roos A. - O' Rourke E. - Siebert U. - Treu G. - van den Brink N.W. - Walker L.A. - Williams R. - Slobodnik J. - Thomaidis N.S.
Environment International

Making use of apex predator sample collections: an integrated workflow for quality assured sample processing, analysis and digital sample freezing of archived samples

- Badry A. - Rüdel H. - Göckener B. - Nika M.C. - Alygizakis N. - Gkotsis G. - Thomaidis N.S. - Treu G. - Dekker R.W.R.J. - Movalli P. - Walker L.A. - Potter E.D. - Alessandra Cincinelli - Tania Martellini - Duke G. - Slobodnik J. - Koschorreck J.

The role of natural science collections in the biomonitoring of environmental contaminants in apex predators in support of the EU’s zero pollution ambition

- Movalli P. - Koschorreck J. - Treu G. - Slobodnik J. - Alygizakis N. - Androulakakis A. - Badry A. - Baltag E. - Barbagli F. - Bauer K. - Biesmeijer K. - Borgo E. - Alessandra Cincinelli - Claßen D. - Danielsson S. - Dekker R.W.R.J. - Dietz R. - Eens M. - Espín S. - Eulaers I. - Frahnert S. - Fuiz T.I. - García-Fernández A.J. - Fuchs J. - Gkotsis G. - Glowacka N. - Gómez-Ramírez P. - Grotti M. - Hosner P.A. - Johansson U. - Jaspers V.L.B. - Koureas D. - Krone O. - Kubin E. - Lefevre C. - Leivits M. - Lo Brutto S. - Lopes R.J. - Lourenço R. - Lymberakis P. - Madslien K. - Tania Martellini - Mateo R. - Nika M.C. - Osborn D. - Oswald P. - Pauwels O. - Pereira M.G. - Pezzo F. - Sánchez-Virosta P. - Sarajlić N. - Shore R.F. - Soler F. - Sonne C. - Thomaidis N. - Töpfer T. - Väinölä R. - van den Brink N. - Vrezec A. - Walker L. - Weigl S. - Wernham C. - Woog F. - Zorrilla I. - Duke G.
Environmental Sciences Europe

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