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Center for Colloid and Surface Science

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Location: Florence

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Reorganization of the outer layer of a model of the plasma membrane induced by a neuroprotective aminosterol

- Barletti B. - Giacomo Lucchesi - Muscat S. - Errico S. - Barbut D. - Danani A. - Zasloff M. - Grasso G. - Chiti F. - Gabriella Caminati
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces

Biosensing Tacrolimus in Human Whole Blood by Using a Drug Receptor Fused to the Emerald Green Fluorescent Protein

- Glahn-Martínez B. - Giacomo Lucchesi - Pradanas-González F. - Manzano A.I. - Canales Á. - Gabriella Caminati - Benito-Peña E. - Moreno-Bondi M.C.
Analytical Chemistry

An inertial measurement unit-based wireless system for shoulder motion assessment in patients with cervical spinal cord injury: A validation pilot study in a clinical setting

- Bravi R. - Caputo S. - Jayousi S. - Martinelli A. - Biotti L. - Nannini I. - Cohen E.J. - Quarta E. - Grasso S. - Giacomo Lucchesi - Righi G. - Del Popolo G. - Mucchi L. - Minciacchi D.
Sensors (Switzerland)

Making biological membrane resistant to the toxicity of misfolded protein oligomers: A lesson from trodusquemine

- Errico S. - Giacomo Lucchesi - Odino D. - Muscat S. - Capitini C. - Bugelli C. - Canale C. - Ferrando R. - Grasso G. - Barbut D. - Calamai M. - Danani A. - Zasloff M. - Relini A. - Gabriella Caminati - Vendruscolo M. - Chiti F.

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