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Paolo Matteazzi

Associated Staff @ Treviso

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Position: Associated Staff


Phone: 0432 558-819

Location: Treviso



An iron-oxide nanoparticle with therapeutic capability in Magnetic Fluid Hyperthermia and diagnostic capability in MRI and MPI

- Vurro F. - Gerosa M. - Busato A. - Muccilli M. - Milan E. - Gaudet J. - Mansfield J. - Goodwill P. - Forlin E. - Gherlinzoni F. - Morana G. - Gottardi M. - Paolo Matteazzi - Wintermark M. - Speghini A. - Marzola P.
International Journal on Magnetic Particle Imaging

Nanoparticles exhibiting self-regulating temperature as innovative agents for magnetic fluid hyperthermia

- Gerosa M. - Dal Grande M. - Busato A. - Vurro F. - Cisterna B. - Forlin E. - Gherlinzoni F. - Morana G. - Gottardi M. - Paolo Matteazzi - Speghini A. - Marzola P.

Abrasive wear of nanostructured cermet coatings in dry and slurry conditions

- Basak A.K. - Celis J.P. - Vardavoulias M. - Paolo Matteazzi
International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials

Microstructure and properties of Tic/Ti coatings deposited by the supersonic cold gas spray technique

- Kusiński J. - Kac S. - Kowalski K. - Dosta S. - Georgiou E. - Garcia-Forgas J. - Paolo Matteazzi
Archives of Metallurgy and Materials

High temperature isothermal oxidation behaviour of an oxide dispersion strengthened derivative of IN625

- Arnold K. - Tatlock G. - Kenel C. - Colella A. - Paolo Matteazzi
Materials at High Temperatures

Effects of Post-spray Heat Treatment on Hardness and Wear Properties of Ti-WC High-Pressure Cold Spray Coatings

- Tang J. - Saha G.C. - Richter P. - Kondás J. - Colella A. - Paolo Matteazzi
Journal of Thermal Spray Technology

Wear Evaluation of Nanostructured Ti Cermets for Joint Reconstruction

- Georgiou E. - Drees D. - Dosta S. - Paolo Matteazzi - Kusinski J. - Celis J.

Structural and Tribological Properties of Nanostructured Supersonic Cold Sprayed Ni-20 wt.% Sn Coatings

- Georgiou E. - Dosta S. - Fernández J. - Paolo Matteazzi - Kowalski K. - Kusinski J. - Piticescu R. - Celis J.
Journal of Thermal Spray Technology

A bio-tribological methodology to investigate nanostructured Ti based composites for hip-joints

- Georgiou E.P. - Leuven K.U. - Drees D. - Dosta S. - Paolo Matteazzi - Kusinski J. - Celis J.P.
Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers Annual Meeting and Exhibition 2015

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