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Center for Colloid and Surface Science

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Position: Permanent Staff


Phone: +39 075-5855541

Location: Perugia

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C4-Sulfenylation of 4-iodine-1H-pyrazole-5-amine with arylsulfonyl hydrazide in water

- Jia F. - He J. - Wei Y. - Liu Y. - Gu Y. - Luigi Vaccaro - Liu P.
Molecular Catalysis

γ-Valerolactone (GVL) as a green and efficient dipolar aprotic reaction medium

- Valentini F. - Brufani G. - Di Erasmo B. - Luigi Vaccaro
Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry

Green solvents for organic electronics processing

- Campana F. - Lanari D. - Marrocchi A. - Luigi Vaccaro
Sustainable Strategies in Organic Electronics

Heterogeneous palladium-catalysed intramolecular C(sp3)[sbnd]H α-arylation for the green synthesis of oxindoles

- Salameh N. - Anastasiou I. - Ferlin F. - Minio F. - Chen S. - Santoro S. - Liu P. - Gu Y. - Luigi Vaccaro
Molecular Catalysis

Combined crossed molecular beams and computational study on the N(2D) + HCCCN(X1Σ+) reaction and implications for extra-terrestrial environments

- Liang P. - Mancini L. - Marchione D. - Vanuzzo G. - Ferlin F. - Recio P. - Tan Y. - Pannacci G. - Luigi Vaccaro - Rosi M. - Casavecchia P. - Balucani N.
Molecular Physics

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