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Francesco Barbero

Associated Staff @ Florence

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Position: Associated Staff



Location: Florence



Inhibitory Effect against Listeria monocytogenes of Carbon Nanoparticles Loaded with Copper as Precursors of Food Active Packaging

- Scattareggia Marchese A. - Destro E. - Boselli C. - Francesco Barbero - Malandrino M. - Cardeti G. - Fenoglio I. - Lanni L.

Role of Common Cell Culture Media Supplements on Citrate-Stabilized Gold Nanoparticle Protein Corona Formation, Aggregation State, and the Consequent Impact on Cellular Uptake

- Francesco Barbero - Michelini S. - Moriones O.H. - Patarroyo J. - Rosell J. - F. Gusta M. - Vitali M. - Martín L. - Canals F. - Duschl A. - Horejs-Hoeck J. - Mondragón L. - Bastús N.G. - Puntes V.
Bioconjugate Chemistry

Desorption and transfer processes in different classes of dyes

- Camilla Maria Cova - Conti L. - Francesco Barbero - Debora Berti - Bianchetti G.O.
Journal of Surfactants and Detergents

Innate Memory Reprogramming by Gold Nanoparticles Depends on the Microbial Agents That Induce Memory

- Swartzwelter B.J. - Michelini S. - Frauenlob T. - Francesco Barbero - Verde A. - De Luca A.C. - Puntes V. - Duschl A. - Horejs-Hoeck J. - Italiani P. - Boraschi D.
Frontiers in Immunology

Growth-promoting gold nanoparticles decrease stress responses in arabidopsis seedlings

- Ferrari E. - Francesco Barbero - Busquets-Fité M. - Franz-Wachtel M. - Köhler H.R. - Puntes V. - Kemmerling B.

Gold nanoparticles coated with polyvinylpyrrolidone and sea urchin extracellular molecules induce transient immune activation

- Alijagic A. - Francesco Barbero - Gaglio D. - Napodano E. - Benada O. - Kofroňová O. - Puntes V.F. - Bastús N.G. - Pinsino A.
Journal of Hazardous Materials

Functional and morphological changes induced in mytilus hemocytes by selected nanoparticles

- Auguste M. - Mayall C. - Francesco Barbero - Hočevar M. - Alberti S. - Grassi G. - Puntes V.F. - Drobne D. - Canesi L.

Stressor‐dependant changes in immune parameters in the terrestrial isopod crustacean, porcellio scaber: A focus on nanomaterials

- Mayall C. - Dolar A. - Kokalj A.J. - Novak S. - Razinger J. - Francesco Barbero - Puntes V. - Drobne D.

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