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Center for Colloid and Surface Science

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Core-ionization spectrum of liquid water

- Dey S. - Folkestad S.D. - Paul A.C. - Henrik Koch - Krylov A.I.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

Electronic Characterization of Glycolaldehyde: Experimental and Theoretical Insights from the Core- and Valence-Level Spectroscopy

- Folkestad S.D. - Paul A.C. - Ponzi A. - Grazioli C. - Coreno M. - de Simone M. - Henrik Koch - Coriani S.
Journal of Physical Chemistry A

Triplet Excited States with Multilevel Coupled Cluster Theory

- Folkestad S.D. - Henrik Koch
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation

Coupled cluster cavity Born-Oppenheimer approximation for electronic strong coupling

- Angelico S. - Haugland T.S. - Ronca E. - Henrik Koch
The Journal of chemical physics

Molecular van der Waals Fluids in Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics

- Philbin J.P. - Haugland T.S. - Ghosh T.K. - Ronca E. - Chen M. - Narang P. - Henrik Koch
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters

Coupled Cluster Simulation of Impulsive Stimulated X-ray Raman Scattering

- Balbi A. - Skeidsvoll A.S. - Henrik Koch
The journal of physical chemistry. A

Polaritonic response theory for exact and approximate wave functions

- Castagnola M. - Riso R.R. - Barlini A. - Ronca E. - Henrik Koch
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Computational Molecular Science

Effective Single-Mode Methodology for Strongly Coupled Multimode Molecular-Plasmon Nanosystems

- Romanelli M. - Riso R.R. - Haugland T.S. - Ronca E. - Corni S. - Henrik Koch
Nano Letters

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