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Center for Colloid and Surface Science

Personal information

Position: Post-Doc



Location: Pavia

Fields of Interest and Expertise

Neutron and X-ray Scattering Techniques for Soft Matter Calorimetry Raman spectroscopy


2022: ASC Invited Scholar at the Advanced Spectroscopy in Chemistry Master Summer School, Jagiellonian University, Krakòw (Polonia). \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"X-ray powder diffraction methods at synchrotron light sources\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\".

2014-2015: Teaching support for the University course \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Carbon-based nanostructured materials\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\". Department of Physics, University of Parma (Italy).

2013-2014: Teaching support for the University course \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Physics I: Laboratory\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\". Department of Physics, University of Parma (Italy).

2011-2016: Teaching support for the University course \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Physics II: Electromagnetism\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\". Department of Engineering, University of Parma (Italy)

Curriculum Vitae

2010: M.Sc. Diploma in Materials Science. University of Parma. Thesis: “Synthesis and characterization of magnetic nanoparticles”.

2014: Ph.D. Diploma in Physics, University of Parma. Thesis: “Hydrogen Storage in Alkali-Cluster Intercalated Fullerides”.

2014-2016: post-doc researcher at Carbon-NanoLab, Physics Department of the University of Parma, within the framework of Cariplo project #20130592.

2016-2018: Rutherford International Fellow (MSCA-H2020) at the ISIS neutron and muon spallation source (STFC), Didcot, UK. PI of project “Advanced fullerene-based materials for hydrogen storage”.

2018-2022: Beamline Scientist (scientific collaborator) on the Materials Characterisation by X-ray diffraction (MCX) beamline.

2023: Support Scientist at the Materials Physics Center, CSIC-UPV/EHU, Donostia/San Sebastian (Spagna), in the group of Quantum Beams and Sustainable Materials.





Unexpected Chain of Redox Events in Co-Based Prussian Blue Analogues

- Morozova P.A. - Ryazantsev S.V. - Dembitskiy A.D. - Morozov A.V. - Das G. - Aquilanti G. - Mattia Gianandrea Gaboardi - Plaisier J.R. - Tsirlin A.A. - Presniakov I.A. - Abakumov A.M. - Fedotov S.S.
Chemistry of Materials

Defective graphene decorated with TiO2 nanoparticles as negative electrode in Li-ion batteries

- Sidoli M. - Magnani G. - Fornasini L. - Scaravonati S. - Morenghi A. - Vezzoni V. - Bersani D. - Bertoni G. - Mattia Gianandrea Gaboardi - Riccò M. - Pontiroli D.
Journal of Alloys and Compounds

Anisotropic thermal expansion in high-entropy multicomponent AlB2-type diboride solid solutions

- Monteverde F. - Mattia Gianandrea Gaboardi - Saraga F. - Feng L. - Fahrenholtz W. - Hilmas G.
International Journal of Extreme Manufacturing

CO2 Separation by Imide/Imine Organic Cages

- La Cognata S. - Mobili R. - Chiara Milanese - Boiocchi M. - Mattia Gianandrea Gaboardi - Armentano D. - Jansen J.C. - Monteleone M. - Antonangelo A.R. - Carta M. - Amendola V.
Chemistry - A European Journal

Role of spacer cations and structural distortion in two-dimensional germanium halide perovskites

- Chiara R. - Morana M. - Boiocchi M. - Coduri M. - Striccoli M. - Fracassi F. - Listorti A. - Mahata A. - Quadrelli P. - Mattia Gianandrea Gaboardi - Chiara Milanese - Bindi L. - De Angelis F. - Malavasi L.
Journal of Materials Chemistry C

Exploring the role of halide mixing in lead-free BZA2SnX4 two dimensional hybrid perovskites

- Pisanu A. - Coduri M. - Morana M. - Ciftci Y.O. - Rizzo A. - Listorti A. - Mattia Gianandrea Gaboardi - Bindi L. - Queloz V.I.E. - Chiara Milanese - Grancini G. - Malavasi L.
Journal of Materials Chemistry A

Nickel addition to optimize the hydrogen storage performance of lithium intercalated fullerides

- Aramini M. - Magnani G. - Pontiroli D. - Chiara Milanese - Alessandro Girella - Bertoni G. - Mattia Gianandrea Gaboardi - Zacchini S. - Amedeo Marini - Riccò M.
Materials Research Bulletin

Degassing and phase transitions with temperature in melanophlogite

- D'Alessio D. - Tribaudino M. - Mezzadri F. - Mantovani L. - Chiara Milanese - Mattia Gianandrea Gaboardi - Magnani G. - Pontiroli D. - Riccò M.
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials

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