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Highly Selective Inhibitors of Dipeptidyl Peptidase 9 (DPP9) Derived from the Clinically Used DPP4-Inhibitor Vildagliptin

- Benramdane S. - De Loose J. - Filippi N. - Espadinha M. - Beyens O. - Rymenant Y.V. - Dirkx L. - Murat Bozdag - Feijens P.B. - Augustyns K. - Caljon G. - De Winter H. - De Meester I. - Van der Veken P.
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry

New Insights into Conformationally Restricted Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors

- Combs J. - Murat Bozdag - Cravey L.D. - Kota A. - McKenna R. - Angeli A. - Carta F. - Supuran C.T.


Small Molecule Alkoxy Oriented Selectiveness on Human Carbonic Anhydrase II and IX Inhibition

- Murat Bozdag - Cravey L. - Combs J. - Kota A. - McKenna R. - Angeli A. - Selleri S. - Carta F. - Supuran C.T.

New 1H-indole-2,3-dione 3-thiosemicarbazones with 3-sulfamoylphenyl moiety as selective carbonic anhydrase inhibitors

- Eraslan-Elma P. - Akdemir A. - Berrino E. - Murat Bozdag - Supuran C.T. - Karalı N.
Archiv der Pharmazie


Privileged scaffolds in medicinal chemistry: Studies on pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidines on sulfonamide containing Carbonic Anhydrase inhibitors

- Gumus A. - Murat Bozdag - Angeli A. - Peat T.S. - Carta F. - Supuran C.T. - Selleri S.
Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters


In vitro inhibition of Mycobacterium tuberculosis β-carbonic anhydrase 3 with Mono- and dithiocarbamates and evaluation of their toxicity using zebrafish developing embryos

- Aspatwar A. - Hammaren M. - Parikka M. - Parkkila S. - Carta F. - Murat Bozdag - Daniela Vullo - Supuran C.
Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry

Benzylaminoethyureido-tailed benzenesulfonamides: Design, synthesis, kinetic and X-ray investigations on human carbonic anhydrases

- Ali M. - Murat Bozdag - Farooq U. - Angeli A. - Carta F. - Berto P. - Zanotti G. - Supuran C.T.
International Journal of Molecular Sciences

Azidothymidine "clicked" into 1,2,3-Triazoles: First Report on Carbonic Anhydrase-Telomerase Dual-Hybrid Inhibitors

- Berrino E. - Angeli A. - Zhdanov D.D. - Kiryukhina A.P. - Milaneschi A. - De Luca A. - Murat Bozdag - Carradori S. - Selleri S. - Bartolucci G. - Peat T.S. - Ferraroni M. - Supuran C.T. - Carta F.
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry

2-Mercaptobenzoxazoles: a class of carbonic anhydrase inhibitors with a novel binding mode to the enzyme active site

- Murat Bozdag - Supuran C.T. - Esposito D. - Angeli A. - Carta F. - Monti S.M. - De Simone G. - Alterio V.
Chemical Communications

"a Sweet Combination": Developing Saccharin and Acesulfame K Structures for Selectively Targeting the Tumor-Associated Carbonic Anhydrases IX and XII

- Bua S. - Lomelino C. - Murray A.B. - Osman S.M. - Alothman Z.A. - Murat Bozdag - Abdel-Aziz H.A. - Eldehna W.M. - McKenna R. - Nocentini A. - Supuran C.T.
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry


State of the art on carbonic anhydrase modulators for biomedical purposes

- Murat Bozdag - Altamimi A.S.A. - Daniela Vullo - Supuran C.T. - Carta F.
Current Medicinal Chemistry

Pain relieving effect of-NSAIDS-CAIs hybrid molecules: Systemic and intra-articular treatments against rheumatoid arthritis

- Micheli L. - Murat Bozdag - Akgul O. - Carta F. - Guccione C. - Bergonzi M. - Anna Rita Bilia - Cinci L. - Lucarini E. - Parisio C. - Supuran C. - Ghelardini C. - Di Cesare Mannelli L.
International Journal of Molecular Sciences

A non-catalytic function of carbonic anhydrase IX contributes to the glycolytic phenotype and pH regulation in human breast cancer cells

- Mboge M. - Chen Z. - Khokhar D. - Wolff A. - Ai L. - Heldermon C. - Murat Bozdag - Carta F. - Supuran C. - Brown K. - McKenna R. - Frost C. - Frost S.
Biochemical Journal

N-aryl-N’-ureido-O-sulfamates: Potent and selective inhibitors of the human Carbonic Anhydrase VII isoform with neuropathic pain relieving properties

- Murat Bozdag - Poli G. - Angeli A. - Lucarini E. - Tuccinardi T. - Di Cesare Mannelli L. - Selleri S. - Ghelardini C. - Winum J.Y. - Carta F. - Supuran C.T.
Bioorganic Chemistry

Synthesis and evaluation of carbonic anhydrase inhibitors with carbon monoxide releasing properties for the management of rheumatoid arthritis

- Berrino E. - Milazzo L. - Micheli L. - Daniela Vullo - Angeli A. - Murat Bozdag - Nocentini A. - Menicatti M. - Bartolucci G. - Di Cesare Mannelli L. - Ghelardini C. - Supuran C.T. - Carta F.
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry

Mycobacterium tuberculosis β-carbonic anhydrases: Novel targets for developing antituberculosis drugs

- Aspatwar A. - Kairys V. - Rala S. - Parikka M. - Murat Bozdag - Carta F. - Supuran C.T. - Parkkila S.
International Journal of Molecular Sciences

Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors based on sorafenib scaffold: Design, synthesis, crystallographic investigation and effects on primary breast cancer cells

- Murat Bozdag - Ferraroni M. - Ward C. - Carta F. - Bua S. - Angeli A. - Langdon S.P. - Kunkler I.H. - Al-Tamimi A.M.S. - Supuran C.T.
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry

Mechanisms of action of carbonic anhydrase inhibitors: Compounds that anchor to the zinc-bound nucleophile

- Murat Bozdag - Angeli A. - Tanc M.
Carbonic Anhydrases: Biochemistry and Pharmacology of an Evergreen Pharmaceutical Target


Mono- and di-thiocarbamate inhibition studies of the δ-carbonic anhydrase TweCAδ from the marine diatom Thalassiosira weissflogii

- Bua S. - Murat Bozdag - Del Prete S. - Carta F. - Donald W. - Clemente Capasso - Supuran C.
Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry

Discovery of 4-Hydroxy-3-(3-(phenylureido)benzenesulfonamides as SLC-0111 Analogues for the Treatment of Hypoxic Tumors Overexpressing Carbonic Anhydrase IX

- Murat Bozdag - Carta F. - Ceruso M. - Ferraroni M. - McDonald P.C. - Dedhar S. - Supuran C.T.
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry

Synthesis of N′-phenyl-N-hydroxyureas and investigation of their inhibitory activities on human carbonic anhydrases

- Murat Bozdag - Carta F. - Angeli A. - Osman S. - Alasmary F. - AlOthman Z. - Supuran C.
Bioorganic Chemistry

Selective inhibition of carbonic anhydrase IX over carbonic anhydrase XII in breast cancer cells using benzene sulfonamides: Disconnect between activity and growth inhibition

- Mboge M.Y. - Chen Z. - Wolff A. - Mathias J.V. - Tu C. - Brown K.D. - Murat Bozdag - Carta F. - Supuran C.T. - McKenna R. - Frost S.C.

Inhibition of α-, β-, γ-, and δ-carbonic anhydrases from bacteria and diatoms with N′-aryl-N-hydroxy-ureas

- Berrino E. - Murat Bozdag - Del Prete S. - Alasmary F. - Alqahtani L. - AlOthman Z. - Clemente Capasso - Supuran C.
Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry

Inhibition of carbonic anhydrases by a substrate analog: benzyl carbamate directly coordinates the catalytic zinc ion mimicking bicarbonate binding

- De Simone G. - Angeli A. - Murat Bozdag - Supuran C.T. - Winum J.Y. - Monti S.M. - Alterio V.
Chemical Communications


Carbonic anhydrase I, II, IV and IX inhibition with a series of 7-amino-3,4-dihydroquinolin-2(1H)-one derivatives

- Murat Bozdag - Bua S. - Osman S. - AlOthman Z. - Supuran C.
Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry

Synthesis and carbonic anhydrase I, II, VII, and IX inhibition studies with a series of benzo[d]thiazole-5- and 6-sulfonamides

- Abdoli M. - Angeli A. - Murat Bozdag - Carta F. - Kakanejadifard A. - Saeidian H. - Supuran C.
Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry

Dithiocarbamates effectively inhibit the β-carbonic anhydrase from the dandruff-producing fungus Malassezia globosa

- Daniela Vullo - Del Prete S. - Nocentini A. - Osman S. - AlOthman Z. - Clemente Capasso - Murat Bozdag - Carta F. - Gratteri P. - Supuran C.
Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry


Synthesis 4-[2-(2-mercapto-4-oxo-4H-quinazolin-3-yl)-ethyl]-benzenesulfonamides with subnanomolar carbonic anhydrase II and XII inhibitory properties

- Murat Bozdag - Alafeefy A. - Carta F. - Ceruso M. - Al-Tamimi A. - Al-Kahtani A. - Alasmary F. - Supuran C.
Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry

Dithiocarbamates with potent inhibitory activity against the Saccharomyces cerevisiae β-carbonic anhydrase

- Murat Bozdag - Carta F. - Daniela Vullo - Isik S. - AlOthman Z. - Osman S.M. - Andrea Scozzafava - Supuran C.T.
Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry


Synthesis of a novel affinity gel for the purification of carbonic anhydrases

- Murat Bozdag - Isik S. - Beyaztas S. - Arslan O. - Supuran C.
Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry

Benzenesulfonamides incorporating bulky aromatic/heterocyclic tails with potent carbonic anhydrase inhibitory activity

- Murat Bozdag - Alafeefy A.M. - Daniela Vullo - Carta F. - Dedeoglu N. - Al-Tamimi A.M.S. - Al-Jaber N.A. - Andrea Scozzafava - Supuran C.T.
Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry


Next-generation dithiocarbamate carbonic anhydrase inhibitors

- Carta F. - Murat Bozdag - Tanc M. - Supuran C.
Targeting Carbonic Anhydrases

Structural insights on carbonic anhydrase inhibitory action, isoform selectivity, and potency of sulfonamides and coumarins incorporating arylsulfonylureido groups

- Murat Bozdag - Ferraroni M. - Carta F. - Daniela Vullo - Lucarini L. - Orlandini E. - Rossello A. - Nuti E. - Andrea Scozzafava - Masini E. - Supuran C.
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry


Novel small molecule protein arginine deiminase 4 (PAD4) inhibitors

- Murat Bozdag - Dreker T. - Henry C. - Tosco P. - Vallaro M. - Fruttero R. - Andrea Scozzafava - Carta F. - Supuran C.T.
Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters