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Center for Colloid and Surface Science


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Potential of BPA functionalized poly(vinylalcohol)-shelled perfluorobutane nanodroplets towards enhanced boron neutron capture therapy and in-situ dosimetry

- Yosra Toumia - Lunetta E. - Carr M. - Borgia S. - Tortorella E. - Domenici F. - d'Agostino E. - Telling M.T.F. - di Fulvio A. - Gaio Paradossi
Applied Materials Today


PVA-Microbubbles as a Radioembolization Platform: Formulation and the In Vitro Proof of Concept

- Da Ros V. - Letizia Oddo - Yosra Toumia - Guida E. - Minosse S. - Strigari L. - Strolin S. - Paolani G. - Di Giuliano F. - Floris R. - Garaci F. - Dolci S. - Gaio Paradossi - Domenici F.


Ultrasound-assisted carbon ion dosimetry and range measurement using injectable polymer-shelled phase-change nanodroplets: in vitro study

- Yosra Toumia - Pullia M. - Domenici F. - Facoetti A. - Ferrarini M. - Heymans S.V. - Carlier B. - Van Den Abeele K. - Sterpin E. - D’hooge J. - D’Agostino E. - Gaio Paradossi
Scientific Reports

Improved hybrid-shelled perfluorocarbon microdroplets as ultrasound- and laser-activated phase-change platform

- Palmieri D. - Brasili F. - Capocefalo A. - Bizien T. - Angelini I. - Letizia Oddo - Yosra Toumia - Gaio Paradossi - Domenici F.
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects

Spatiotemporal Distribution of Nanodroplet Vaporization in a Proton Beam Using Real-Time Ultrasound Imaging for Range Verification

- Collado-Lara G. - Heymans S.V. - Rovituso M. - Carlier B. - Yosra Toumia - Verweij M. - Gaio Paradossi - Sterpin E. - Vos H.J. - D'hooge J. - de Jong N. - Van Den Abeele K. - Daeichin V.
Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology


Ultrasound-assisted investigation of photon triggered vaporization of poly(vinylalcohol) phase-change nanodroplets: A preliminary concept study with dosimetry perspective

- Yosra Toumia - Miceli R. - Domenici F. - Heymans S.V. - Carlier B. - Cociorb M. - Letizia Oddo - Rossi P. - D'Angellilo R.M. - Sterpin E. - D'Agostino E. - Van Den Abeele K. - D'hooge J. - Gaio Paradossi
Physica Medica

Modulating ultrasound contrast generation from injectable nanodroplets for proton range verification by varying the degree of superheat

- Heymans S.V. - Carlier B. - Yosra Toumia - Nooijens S. - Ingram M. - Giammanco A. - d’Agostino E. - Crijns W. - Bertrand A. - Gaio Paradossi - Himmelreich U. - D’hooge J. - Sterpin E. - Van Den Abeele K.
Medical Physics


Proton range verification with ultrasound imaging using injectable radiation sensitive nanodroplets: A feasibility study

- Carlier B. - Heymans S.V. - Nooijens S. - Yosra Toumia - Ingram M. - Gaio Paradossi - D'Agostino E. - Himmelreich U. - D'Hooge J. - Van Den Abeele K. - Sterpin E.
Physics in Medicine and Biology

In vitro analysis of the trajectories of adhesive microbubbles approaching endothelial cells

- Cerroni B. - Riva F.R. - Letizia Oddo - Domenici F. - Tortorella E. - Yosra Toumia - Brasili F. - Gaio Paradossi
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science


Phase Change Ultrasound Contrast Agents with a Photopolymerized Diacetylene Shell

- Yosra Toumia - Cerroni B. - Domenici F. - Heiko Lange - Bianchi L. - Cociorb M. - Brasili F. - Ester Chiessi - D'Agostino E. - Van Den Abeele K. - Heymans S.V. - D'Hooge J. - Gaio Paradossi



Biosynthesis and characterization of a novel Fmoc-tetrapeptide-based hydrogel for biotechnological applications

- Chronopoulou L. - Yosra Toumia - Cerroni B. - Gentili A. - Gaio Paradossi - Palocci C.
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects


Graphene Meets Microbubbles: A Superior Contrast Agent for Photoacoustic Imaging

- Yosra Toumia - Domenici F. - Orlanducci S. - Mura F. - Grishenkov D. - Trochet P. - Lacerenza S. - Bordi F. - Gaio Paradossi
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces