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Center for Colloid and Surface Science

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Position: Permanent Staff


Phone: +39 06-72594466

Location: Roma - Tor Vergata

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Protection against proteolysis of a targeting peptide on gold nanostructures

- Biscaglia F. - Caligiuri I. - Rizzolio F. - Ripani G. - Antonio Palleschi - Meneghetti M. - Gobbo M.

Ultrasound-Stimulated PVA Microbubbles for Adhesive Removal from Cellulose-Based Materials: A Groundbreaking Low-Impact Methodology

- D'Andrea A. - Leonardo Severini - Domenici F. - Dabagov S. - Guglielmotti V. - Hampai D. - Laura Micheli - Placidi E. - Titubante M. - Claudia Mazzuca - Gaio Paradossi - Antonio Palleschi
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces

Understanding the good and poor cell targeting activity of gold nanostructures functionalized with molecular units for the epidermal growth factor receptor

- Claudia Mazzuca - Di Napoli B. - Biscaglia F. - Ripani G. - Rajendran S. - Braga A. - Benna C. - Mocellin S. - Gobbo M. - Meneghetti M. - Antonio Palleschi
Nanoscale Advances

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