Consorzio Interuniversitario per lo sviluppo dei Sistemi a Grande Interfase
Center for Colloid and Surface Science

Personal information

Position: Permanent Staff


Phone: 0382 987-670

Location: Pavia

Fields of Interest and Expertise

Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials for solid state hydrogen storage.

Synthesis, characterization and reactivity of inorganic solids of particular interest in the energy transformation/conservation field.

Effect of the mechanical activation on the solid state synthesis of inorganic compounds.



Chimica Fisica Biologica (LM Chimica e Tecnologie Farmaceutiche, Univ. Pavia)

Chimica Fisica Biologica (LM Farmacia, Univ. Pavia)


Curriculum Vitae

Jul 1998: Degree in Chemistry at the University of Pavia (Department of Physical Chemistry) (110 cum laude/110). Title: "Combustion Synthesis di composti intermetallici nei sistemi Ni-Al e Cr-Si" ("Combustion Synthesis of Ni - Al and Cr - Si intermetallic compounds").

1998-2001: PhD in Chemical Sciences at the University of Pavia (Department of Physical Chemistry). Title: "Caratterizzazione dei processi elementari coinvolti nella sintesi SHS dei siliciuri di metalli di transizione" ("Characterization of the steps involved in the Self - propagating High - temperature synthesis of transition metal silicides").

2001-2004: Post-Doc fellowship at the Department of Physical Chemistry of the University of Pavia on "Reattività del silicio con metalli di transizione: aspetti sperimentali e modellistici" ("Studies on silicon - transition metals solid-solid and solid-liquid interactions by experimental and computational techniques").

2004-2006: CSGI fellowship at the Department of Physical Chemistry of the University of Pavia on "Sintesi e caratterizzazione Chimico Fisica di Composti per Sistemi Energetici" ("Synthesis and physico-chemical characterization of compounds in the energy transformation/conservation field") Advisor: Prof. A. Marini.

2006-2008: Post-Doc fellowship at the Department of Physical Chemistry of the University of Pavia on "Progettazione di dispositivi per l'economia all'idrogeno" ("Development of devices for the Hydrogen Economy"). 2008-present: Researcher at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Pavia, Department of Physical Chemistry




CO2 Separation by Imide/Imine Organic Cages

- La Cognata S. - Mobili R. - Chiara Milanese - Boiocchi M. - Gaboardi M. - Armentano D. - Jansen J.C. - Monteleone M. - Antonangelo A.R. - Carta M. - Amendola V.
Chemistry - A European Journal

An effective activation method for industrially produced TiFeMn powder for hydrogen storage

- Dreistadt D.M. - Thi-Thu L. - Capurso G. - Bellosta von Colbe J.M. - Santhosh A. - Pistidda C. - Scharnagl N. - Ovri H. - Chiara Milanese - Jerabek P. - Klassen T. - Jepsen J.
Journal of Alloys and Compounds

Recovery, Purification, Analysis and Chemical Modification of a Waste Cooking Oil

- Azzena U. - Montenero A. - Carraro M. - Crisafulli R. - De Luca L. - Gaspa S. - Muzzu A. - Nuvoli L. - Polese R. - Pisano L. - Pintus E. - Pintus S. - Alessandro Girella - Chiara Milanese
Waste and Biomass Valorization

Sustainable NaAlH4 production from recycled automotive Al alloy

- Shang Y. - Pistidda C. - Chiara Milanese - Alessandro Girella - Schökel A. - Le T.T. - Hagenah A. - Metz O. - Klassen T. - Dornheim M.
Green Chemistry

An update on solid-state characterization of the polyphenol pterostilbene

- Catenacci L. - Sorrenti M. - Chiara Milanese - Valentino C. - Vicatos A.I. - Caira M.R. - Bonferoni M.C.
Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology

Rice Industry By-Products as Adsorbent Materials for Removing Fluoride and Arsenic from Drinking Water—A Review

- Collivignarelli M.C. - Sorlini S. - Chiara Milanese - Illankoon W.A.M.A.N. - Caccamo F.M. - Calatroni S.
Applied Sciences (Switzerland)

De-hydrogenation/Rehydrogenation Properties and Reaction Mechanism of Am Zn(NH2)n-2nLiH Systems (A = Li, K, Na, and Rb)

- Cao H. - Pistidda C. - Richter T.M.M. - Capurso G. - Chiara Milanese - Tseng J.C. - Shang Y. - Niewa R. - Chen P. - Klassen T. - Dornheim M.
Sustainability (Switzerland)

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