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Center for Colloid and Surface Science

Chiara Neto

Associated Staff @ The University of Sidney (Australia)

Personal information

Position: Associated Staff


Phone: 61 2 9351 2752

Location: The University of Sidney (Australia)

Fields of Interest and Expertise




Curriculum Vitae






Design Optimization of Perfluorinated Liquid-Infused Surfaces for Blood-Contacting Applications

- Hong J.K. - Mathur K. - Ruhoff A.M. - Akhavan B. - Waterhouse A. - Chiara Neto
Advanced Materials Interfaces

Nanobubbles explain the large slip observed on lubricant-infused surfaces

- Vega-Sánchez C. - Peppou-Chapman S. - Zhu L. - Chiara Neto
Nature Communications

Convergent evolution of skin surface microarchitecture and increased skin hydrophobicity in semi-aquatic anole lizards

- Baeckens S. - Temmerman M. - Gorb S.N. - Chiara Neto - Whiting M.J. - Van Damme R.
Journal of Experimental Biology

Enhancing Spontaneous Droplet Motion on Structured Surfaces with Tailored Wedge Design

- Wang Z. - Owais A. - Chiara Neto - Pereira J.M. - Gan Y.
Advanced Materials Interfaces

Safer emulsion explosives resulting from NOx inhibition

- Djerdjev A.M. - Priyananda P. - Gore J. - Beattie J.K. - Chiara Neto - Hawkett B.S.
Chemical Engineering Journal

Antifouling Properties of Liquid-Infused Riblets Fabricated by Direct Contactless Microfabrication

- Fenati R.A. - Quinn M.S. - Bilinsky H.C. - Chiara Neto
Advanced Engineering Materials

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