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Center for Colloid and Surface Science


Here you can find the updated list of all the publications of CSGI members and affilated staff. Please note that the only publications listed here are those published after the affilation of each member. If you are interested in the whole bibliography of CSGI members, including articles and books published before affilation to CSGI, please refer to academic research databases, such as Scopus, Web Of Science, Google Scholar, ect.

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Tensile benefits of nanofibers in commercial paint films

- Turpin G. - Nguyen D. - Subramanian P. - Davey T. - Cheong S.F. - Warr G.G. - Chiara Neto - Hawkett B.
Polymer Chemistry


Visualizing a Nanoscale Lubricant Layer under Blood Flow

- Hong J.K. - Gresham I.J. - Daniel D. - Waterhouse A. - Chiara Neto
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces

Challenges and opportunities for innovation in bioinformed sustainable materials

- Stuart-Fox D. - Ng L. - Barner L. - Bennett A.T.D. - Blamires S.J. - Elgar M.A. - Evans A.R. - Franklin A.M. - Hölttä-Otto K. - Hutchison J.A. - Jativa F. - Jessop A.L. - Kelley J. - McGaw J. - Mei J. - Mirkhalaf M. - Musameh M. - Chiara Neto - O’Connor A.J. - Schork T. - Schröder-Turk G.E. - Voelcker N.H. - Wang A. - Watson G.S. - Watson J.A. - Wesemann L. - Wong W.W.H.
Communications Materials

Nanostructure Explains the Behavior of Slippery Covalently Attached Liquid Surfaces

- Gresham I.J. - Lilley S.G. - Nelson A.R.J. - Koynov K. - Chiara Neto
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition

Cassie's Law Reformulated: Composite Surfaces from Superspreading to Superhydrophobic

- McHale G. - Ledesma-Aguilar R. - Chiara Neto
Langmuir : the ACS journal of surfaces and colloids

Exploring the water capture efficiency of covalently attached liquid-like surfaces

- Katselas A. - Gresham I.J. - Nelson A.R.J. - Chiara Neto
The Journal of chemical physics

Advances and challenges in slippery covalently-attached liquid surfaces

- Gresham I.J. - Chiara Neto
Advances in Colloid and Interface Science


Mechanisms for Reduced Fibrin Clot Formation on Liquid-Infused Surfaces

- Hong J.K. - Ruhoff A.M. - Mathur K. - Chiara Neto - Waterhouse A.
Advanced Healthcare Materials

Design Optimization of Perfluorinated Liquid-Infused Surfaces for Blood-Contacting Applications

- Hong J.K. - Mathur K. - Ruhoff A.M. - Akhavan B. - Waterhouse A. - Chiara Neto
Advanced Materials Interfaces

Nanobubbles explain the large slip observed on lubricant-infused surfaces

- Vega-Sánchez C. - Peppou-Chapman S. - Zhu L. - Chiara Neto
Nature Communications


Convergent evolution of skin surface microarchitecture and increased skin hydrophobicity in semi-aquatic anole lizards

- Baeckens S. - Temmerman M. - Gorb S.N. - Chiara Neto - Whiting M.J. - Van Damme R.
Journal of Experimental Biology

Enhancing Spontaneous Droplet Motion on Structured Surfaces with Tailored Wedge Design

- Wang Z. - Owais A. - Chiara Neto - Pereira J.M. - Gan Y.
Advanced Materials Interfaces

Safer emulsion explosives resulting from NOx inhibition

- Djerdjev A.M. - Priyananda P. - Gore J. - Beattie J.K. - Chiara Neto - Hawkett B.S.
Chemical Engineering Journal

Antifouling Properties of Liquid-Infused Riblets Fabricated by Direct Contactless Microfabrication

- Fenati R.A. - Quinn M.S. - Bilinsky H.C. - Chiara Neto
Advanced Engineering Materials


Soft-hard Janus nanoparticles for polymer encapsulation of solid particulate

- Nguyen D. - Zhu L. - Huynh V.T. - Azniwati A.A. - Pham N.T.H. - Lam M.T. - Serelis A.K. - Davey T. - Such C. - Chiara Neto - Hawkett B.S.
Polymer Chemistry

Evaluating medical device and material thrombosis under flow: Current and emerging technologies

- Hong J.K. - Gao L. - Singh J. - Goh T. - Ruhoff A.M. - Chiara Neto - Waterhouse A.
Biomaterials Science


Effect of repeated immersions and contamination on plastron stability in superhydrophobic surfaces

- Vüllers F. - Peppou-Chapman S. - Kavalenka M.N. - Hölscher H. - Chiara Neto
Physics of Fluids

Host-guest interactions of catechol and 4-ethylcatechol with surface-immobilized blue-box molecules

- Owais A. - Djerdjev A.M. - Hook J.M. - Yuen A. - Rowlands W. - White N.G. - Chiara Neto
Journal of Materials Chemistry A

Looking thru the Nano Lens: Art, science and nature

- O'Reilly C. - Motion A. - Chiara Neto
International Journal of Innovation in Science and Mathematics Education

Halogen-bond driven self-assembly of perfluorocarbon monolayers on silicon nitride

- Abate A. - Dehmel R. - Sepe A. - Nguyen N.L. - Roose B. - Marzari N. - Hong J.K. - Hook J.M. - Steiner U. - Chiara Neto
Journal of Materials Chemistry A

Ultralow surface energy self-assembled monolayers of iodo-perfluorinated alkanes on silica driven by halogen bonding

- Shou K. - Hong J.K. - Wood E.S. - Hook J.M. - Nelson A. - Yin Y. - Andersson G.G. - Abate A. - Steiner U. - Chiara Neto

Fabrication of Biomimetic Micropatterned Surfaces by Sol–Gel Dewetting

- Colusso E. - Martucci A. - Chiara Neto
Advanced Materials Interfaces


Marine Antifouling Behavior of Lubricant-Infused Nanowrinkled Polymeric Surfaces

- Ware C.S. - Smith-Palmer T. - Peppou-Chapman S. - Scarratt L.R.J. - Humphries E.M. - Balzer D. - Chiara Neto
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces

The mechanism of the spontaneous detonation of ammonium nitrate in reactive grounds

- Djerdjev A.M. - Priyananda P. - Gore J. - Beattie J.K. - Chiara Neto - Hawkett B.S.
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering

Aligned Droplet Patterns by Dewetting of Polymer Bilayers

- Chiu M. - Wood J.A. - Widmer-Cooper A. - Chiara Neto


Synthesis and applications of polymeric janus nanoparticles

- Duong H.T.T. - Nguyen D. - Chiara Neto - Hawkett B.S.
Soft, Hard, and Hybrid Janus Structures: Synthesis, Self-assembly, and Applications

Patterned Polymer Coatings Increase the Efficiency of Dew Harvesting

- Al-Khayat O. - Hong J.K. - Beck D.M. - Minett A.I. - Chiara Neto
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces

A review on the mechanical and thermodynamic robustness of superhydrophobic surfaces

- Scarratt L.R.J. - Steiner U. - Chiara Neto
Advances in Colloid and Interface Science

Mechanical properties of Ropaque hollow nanoparticles

- Zhu L. - Nguyen D. - Davey T. - Baker M. - Such C. - Hawkett B.S. - Chiara Neto

Functional patterned coatings by thin polymer film dewetting

- Telford A.M. - Thickett S.C. - Chiara Neto
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science


Boundary flow on end-grafted PEG brushes

- Charrault E. - Lee T. - Easton C.D. - Chiara Neto
Soft Matter

High Glass Transition Temperature Fluoropolymers for Hydrophobic Surface Coatings via RAFT Copolymerization

- Rowe M. - Teo G.H. - Horne J. - Al-Khayat O. - Chiara Neto - Thickett S.C.
Australian Journal of Chemistry

Chain Collapse and Interfacial Slip of Polystyrene Films in Good/Nonsolvent Vapor Mixtures

- Al-Khayat O. - Geraghty K. - Shou K. - Nelson A. - Chiara Neto

Durable Superhydrophobic Surfaces via Spontaneous Wrinkling of Teflon AF

- Scarratt L.R.J. - Hoatson B.S. - Wood E.S. - Hawkett B.S. - Chiara Neto
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces