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Center for Colloid and Surface Science

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High-speed nanoindentation mapping: A review of recent advances and applications

- Edoardo Rossi - Wheeler J.M. - Marco Sebastiani
Current Opinion in Solid State and Materials Science

Materials characterisation and software tools as key enablers in Industry 5.0 and wider acceptance of new methods and products

- Konstantopoulos G. - Charitidis C.A. - Bañares M.A. - Portela R. - Zangenberg N. - Capria E. - Marco Sebastiani - Goldbeck G. - Koumoulos E. - Boskovic B. - Diplas S. - Konchakova N. - Todorov I. - Dykeman D. - Avataneo S.G. - Falzetti M. - Diz E.L. - Reinosa J.J. - Burov E. - Škrelić D. - Jeliazkova N. - Barton B. - Masotti G. - Tamarozzi T. - Alcón I.M.
Materials Today Communications

Machine learning aided nanoindentation: A review of the current state and future perspectives

- Puchi-Cabrera E.S. - Edoardo Rossi - Sansonetti G. - Marco Sebastiani - Bemporad E.
Current Opinion in Solid State and Materials Science

Experimentally validated phase-field model to design the wettability of micro-structured surfaces

- Provenzano M. - Bellussi F.M. - Morciano M. - Edoardo Rossi - Schleyer M. - Asinari P. - Straub T. - Marco Sebastiani - Fasano M.
Materials and Design

The mechanical performance of optically tuned ceramic nanomultilayers

- White D.E. - Appleget C.D. - Edoardo Rossi - Marco Sebastiani - Hodge A.M.
Materials and Design

Quantitative surface free energy with micro-colloid probe pairs

- Haq E.U. - Zhang Y. - O'Dowd N. - Liu N. - Leesment S. - Becker C. - Edoardo Rossi - Marco Sebastiani - Tofail S.A.M. - Silien C.
RSC Advances

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