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Center for Colloid and Surface Science

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Quantitative surface free energy with micro-colloid probe pairs

- Haq E.U. - Zhang Y. - O'Dowd N. - Liu N. - Leesment S. - Becker C. - Edoardo Rossi - Marco Sebastiani - Tofail S.A.M. - Silien C.
RSC Advances

Wettability of soft PLGA surfaces predicted by experimentally augmented atomistic models

- Bellussi F.M. - Roscioni O.M. - Edoardo Rossi - Cardellini A. - Provenzano M. - Persichetti L. - Kudryavtseva V. - Sukhorukov G. - Asinari P. - Marco Sebastiani - Fasano M.
MRS Bulletin

Effect of annealing on mechanical properties and thermal stability of ZrCu/O nanocomposite amorphous films synthetized by pulsed laser deposition

- Bignoli F. - Rashid Saqib - Edoardo Rossi - Jaddi S. - Djemia P. - Terraneo G. - Li Bassi A. - Idrissi H. - Pardoen T. - Marco Sebastiani - Ghidelli M.
Materials and Design

Biocompatibility and antibacterial properties of TiCu(Ag) thin films produced by physical vapor deposition magnetron sputtering

- Rashid Saqib - Vita G.M. - Persichetti L. - Iucci G. - Battocchio C. - Daniel R. - Visaggio D. - Marsotto M. - Visca P. - Bemporad E. - Ascenzi P. - Capellini G. - Marco Sebastiani - di Masi A.
Applied Surface Science

Fracture toughness of radiation-damaged zircon studied by nanoindentation pillar-splitting

- Beirau T. - Edoardo Rossi - Marco Sebastiani - Oliver W.C. - Pöllmann H. - Ewing R.C.
Applied Physics Letters

Condition assessment of in situ elastomeric bearings

- Rossi E. - D'Amato M. - Gigliotti R. - Marco Sebastiani
IABSE Congress, Ghent 2021: Structural Engineering for Future Societal Needs

An Innovative Procedure for the In-situ Characterization of Elastomeric Bearings by Using Nanoindentation Test

- Rossi E. - Marco Sebastiani - Gigliotti R. - D’Amato M.
International Journal of Architectural Heritage

Quantifying residual stress in Helium-implanted surfaces and its implication for blistering

- Hosemann P. - Marco Sebastiani - Mughal M.Z. - Huang X. - Scott A. - Balooch M.
Journal of Materials Research

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