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Center for Colloid and Surface Science

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One step nanoencapsulation of corrosion inhibitors for gradual release application

- Privitera A. - Ruggiero L. - Venditti I. - Pasqual Laverdura U. - Tuti S. - Daniele De Felicis - Lo Mastro S. - Duranti L. - Di Bartolomeo E. - Gasperi T. - Ricci M.A. - Sodo A.
Materials Today Chemistry

Design and prototyping of hybrid interference filters

- Sytchkova A. - Grilli M.L. - Hu G. - Chai Y. - Daniele De Felicis - He H. - Bemporad E. - Piegari A. - Shao J.
Optics InfoBase Conference Papers

Synchrotron radiation applied to real-Time studies of the kinetics of growth of aluminum nitride thin multilayers

- García Molleja J. - Bürgi J. - Kellermann G. - Craievich A. - Neuenschwander R. - Jouan P.Y. - Djouadi M.A. - Piccoli M. - Bemporad E. - Daniele De Felicis - Feugeas J.N.
Journal of Physical Chemistry B

Metrology and nano-mechanical tests for nano-manufacturing and nano-bio interface: Challenges & future perspectives

- Koumoulos E.P. - Tofail S.A.M. - Silien C. - Daniele De Felicis - Moscatelli R. - Dragatogiannis D.A. - Bemporad E. - Marco Sebastiani - Charitidis C.A.
Materials and Design

Ni supported on γ-Al2O3promoted by Ru for the dry reforming of methane in packed and monolithic reactors

- Luisetto I. - Sarno C. - Daniele De Felicis - Basoli F. - Battocchio C. - Tuti S. - Licoccia S. - Di Bartolomeo E.
Fuel Processing Technology

Packed and monolithic reactors for the dry reforming of methane: Ni supported on γ-Al2O3 promoted by Ru

- Luisetto I. - Sarno C. - Daniele De Felicis - Basoli F. - Battocchio C. - Tuti S. - Bemporad E. - Licoccia S. - Di Bartolomeo E.
Advanced Science Letters

Effect of aging on microstructure and mechanical properties of ZnAl15Cu1 alloy for wrought applications

- Rollez D. - Pola A. - Montesano L. - Brisotto M. - Daniele De Felicis - Gelfi M.
International Journal of Materials Research

Prototyping fishnet metamaterials: Alumina-silver-based structures

- Sytchkova A. - Daniele De Felicis - Grilli M.L. - Rinaldi A. - Zola D. - Piegari A. - Bemporad E. - Hu G. - He H. - Kui Y. - Shao J.
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering

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