Consorzio Interuniversitario per lo sviluppo dei Sistemi a Grande Interfase
Center for Colloid and Surface Science

Personal information

Position: Permanent Staff



Location: Florence

Fields of Interest and Expertise

Microwave Pyrolysis of Plastic Waste for fuel and chemicals production.

Microwave Pyrolysis of Biomass for fuel and chemicals production.

Synthesis and characterization of polymers from renewable sources and their application in the field of protection of the surfaces artistic stone.

Studies in the field of the homogenous catalysis: basically hydroformylation reactions of olefins and dehydrogenation reactions of formic acid for the production of pure hydrogen.



Chimica Industriale (LT Chimica, Univ. Firenze)

Chimica dei Materiali II (LT Diagnostica e materiali per la Conservazione e il Restauro, Univ. Firenze)

Valorizzazione Industriale di Rifiuti (LM Scienze Chimiche, Univ. Firenze)



Pyrolysis of spent rapeseed meal: A circular economy example for waste valorization

- Gallorini R. - Aquilia S. - Bello C. - Ciardelli F. - Pinna M. - Anna Maria Papini - Luca Rosi
Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis

Subcritical Hydrothermal Liquefaction as a Pretreatment for Enzymatic Degradation of Polyurethane

- Gallorini R. - Ciuffi B. - Real Fernández F. - Carozzini C. - Ravera E. - Anna Maria Papini - Luca Rosi
ACS Omega

Recovery of Terephthalic Acid from Densified Post-consumer Plastic Mix by HTL Process

- Agostini I. - Ciuffi B. - Gallorini R. - Rizzo A.M. - Chiaramonti D. - Luca Rosi

Iron-based electrocatalysts derived from scrap tires for oxygen reduction reaction: Evolution of synthesis-structure-performance relationship in acidic, neutral and alkaline media

- Muhyuddin M. - Testa D. - Lorenzi R. - Vanacore G.M. - Poli F. - Soavi F. - Specchia S. - Giurlani W. - Massimo Innocenti - Luca Rosi - Santoro C.
Electrochimica Acta

Value-added products from waste: Slow pyrolysis of used polyethylene-lined paper coffee cup waste

- Lee H. - Papari S. - Bernardini G. - Gallorini R. - Luca Rosi - Berruti F.
Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering

Valorisation of Macroalgae Biomass through Hydrothermal Carbonization for Soil Improvement

- Di Fraia A. - Miliotti E. - Rizzo A.M. - Lotti G. - Luca Rosi - Chiaramonti D.
Chemical Engineering Transactions

Enhancing biogas production in anaerobic digestion by the addition of oxidized and non-oxidized biochars

- Luca Rosi - Cenni M. - Ciuffi B. - Casini D. - Maria Rizzo A. - Chiaramonti D.
Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery

Coupling hydrothermal liquefaction and aqueous phase reforming for integrated production of biocrude and renewable H2

- Di Fraia A. - Miliotti E. - Rizzo A.M. - Zoppi G. - Pipitone G. - Pirone R. - Luca Rosi - Chiaramonti D. - Bensaid S.
AIChE Journal

Nanodispersions of tio2 in water for removing acrylic films used in conservation

- Giuntoli G. - Bini M. - Ciuffi B. - Salvadori B. - Baldi G. - Luca Rosi

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