Consorzio Interuniversitario per lo sviluppo dei Sistemi a Grande Interfase
Center for Colloid and Surface Science

Personal information

Position: Permanent Staff


Phone: 0554573102

Location: Florence

Fields of Interest and Expertise


Surface analysis

Solar cells and fuel cells

Catalysis and sensors



Laboratorio di Chimica Analitica II (LT Chimica – Univ. Firenze)

Laboratorio di Chimica Analitica Ambientale I (LM Scienze Chimiche – Univ. Firenze) 

Reattività e analisi di superfici (LM Scienze Chimiche – Univ. Firenze)

Chimica Analitica + Laboratorio (LT Tecnologie Alimentari – Univ. Firenze)

Metodi Strumentali in Chimica Analitica (LM Scienze Chimiche – Univ. Firenze)

Metodologie analitiche innovative per l’Energia Sostenibile (LM Scienze Chimiche – Univ. Firenze)

Chimica Analitica I + laboratorio (LT Chimica – Univ. Siena)

Chimica Analitica II + laboratorio (LT Chimica – Univ. Siena)

Advanced Analytical Chemistry (Corso di Laurea magistrale Chimica per stranieri – Univ. Siena)


Curriculum Vitae

1989: Degree in Chemistry, at the University of Florence.  

02/01/1991: Technical Assistant at the Department of Chemistry – University of Florence.  

31/12/1991: Technical Graduate at the Department of Chemistry – University of Florence.  

2002-2015: Researcher at the Dept. of Chemistry of the University of Florence.  

2015-present: Associate Professor in Analytical Chemistry at the Dept. of Chemistry of the University of Florence.  

2013-2018: member of the Executive of the Chemistry-interdivisional group Council for Renewable Energy (EnerChem).  

2013-2016: ESRF Review Committee Member at the Synchrotron of Grenoble.

2010-at present: research and industrial development in the field of Applied Galvanic and analysis of surface to obtain many industrial contracts (about 1300000 Euro of Industrial Research Contracts).  

2013- present: Associate Editor for the journal Coatings



Iron-based electrocatalysts derived from scrap tires for oxygen reduction reaction: Evolution of synthesis-structure-performance relationship in acidic, neutral and alkaline media

- Muhyuddin M. - Testa D. - Lorenzi R. - Vanacore G.M. - Poli F. - Soavi F. - Specchia S. - Giurlani W. - Massimo Innocenti - Luca Rosi - Santoro C.
Electrochimica Acta

Electrodeposition of Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2) Nanoparticles on Monocrystalline Silicon

- Vizza M. - Giurlani W. - Cerri L. - Calisi N. - Leonardi A.A. - Faro M.J.L. - Irrera A. - Berretti E. - Perales-Rondón J.V. - Colina A. - Bujedo Saiz E. - Massimo Innocenti
Molecules (Basel, Switzerland)

On the Dynamics of the Carbon–Bromine Bond Dissociation in the 1-Bromo-2-Methylnaphthalene Radical Anion

- Bonechi M. - Giurlani W. - Massimo Innocenti - Pasini D. - Mishra S. - Giovanardi R. - Fontanesi C.

Resorcinol electropolymerization process obtained via electrochemical oxidation

- Bonechi M. - Giurlani W. - Stefani A. - Marchetti A. - Massimo Innocenti - Fontanesi C.
Electrochimica Acta

Magnetic Field Effect on the Handedness of Electrodeposited Heusler Alloy

- Giurlani W. - Vizza M. - Pizzetti F. - Bonechi M. - Savastano M. - Sorace L. - Stefani A. - Fontanesi C. - Massimo Innocenti
Applied Sciences (Switzerland)

Ethanol electro-oxidation reaction on the Pd(111) surface in alkaline media: insights from quantum and molecular mechanics

- Campeggio J. - Volkov V. - Massimo Innocenti - Giurlani W. - Fontanesi C. - Zerbetto M. - Pagliai M. - Lavacchi A. - Chelli R.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

Low-Cost Potentiometric Sensor for Chloride Measurement in Continuous Industrial Process Control

- Vizza M. - Marcantelli P. - Giovani C. - Giurlani W. - Giusti P. - Fontanesi C. - Massimo Innocenti

Optimisation of Thiourea Concentration in a Decorative Copper Plating Acid Bath Based on Methanesulfonic Electrolyte

- Fabbri L. - Giurlani W. - Mencherini G. - De Luca A. - Passaponti M. - Piciollo E. - Fontanesi C. - Caneschi A. - Massimo Innocenti

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