Consorzio Interuniversitario per lo sviluppo dei Sistemi a Grande Interfase
Center for Colloid and Surface Science

Personal information

Position: Permanent Staff


Phone: +39 055 4573254

Location: Florence

Fields of Interest and Expertise

Thermodynamics of metal complexes

Anion coordination chemistry

Non-covalent interactions

Carbon-supported catalysts



Inorganic Chemistry

Supramolecular Chemistry


Curriculum Vitae

1981: Degree in Chemistry, University of Florence

1985-1987: Post-graduate fellow of Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

1989: PhD in Chemical Sciences, University of Florence

1989-1992: Tenure Researcher, University of Florence

1992-2000: Associated Professor, University of Florence

2000: Full Professor, University of Florence

2006-2009: Head of Department of Chemistry, University of Florence

2015-2018: President of the International Group of Thermodynamics of Metal Complexes



Doctor Honoris Causa, November 18th 2019 from Universidad de la Republica Montevideo, Uruguay



Anion Coordination into Ligand Clefts

- Savastano M. - Cappanni C. - Bazzicalupi C. - Lofrumento C. - Antonio Bianchi

Noncovalent Assembly and Catalytic Activity of Hybrid Materials Based on Pd Complexes Adsorbed on Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene, and Graphene Nanoplatelets

- Valbuena-Rus A.M. - Savastano M. - Arranz-Mascarós P. - Bazzicalupi C. - Clares M.P. - Godino-Salido M.L. - Gutiérrez-Valero M.D. - Inclán M. - Antonio Bianchi - García-España E. - López-Garzón R.
Inorganic Chemistry

Facile high-yield synthesis and purification of lysine-modified graphene oxide for enhanced drinking water purification

- Mantovani S. - Khaliha S. - Marforio T.D. - Kovtun A. - Favaretto L. - Tunioli F. - Antonio Bianchi - Petrone G. - Liscio A. - Palermo V. - Calvaresi M. - Navacchia M.L. - Melucci M.
Chemical Communications

Graphene oxide nanosheets for drinking water purification by tandem adsorption and microfiltration

- Khaliha S. - Antonio Bianchi - Kovtun A. - Tunioli F. - Boschi A. - Zambianchi M. - Paci D. - Bocchi L. - Valsecchi S. - Polesello S. - Liscio A. - Bergamini M. - Brunetti M. - Luisa Navacchia M. - Palermo V. - Melucci M.
Separation and Purification Technology

Graphene oxide-polysulfone hollow fibers membranes with synergic ultrafiltration and adsorption for enhanced drinking water treatment

- Zambianchi M. - Khaliha S. - Antonio Bianchi - Tunioli F. - Kovtun A. - Navacchia M.L. - Salatino A. - Xia Z. - Briñas E. - Vázquez E. - Paci D. - Palermo V. - Bocchi L. - Casentini B. - Melucci M.
Journal of Membrane Science

Supramolecular interaction of inositol phosphates with Cu(ii): comparative study of InsP6-InsP3

- Quiñone D. - Veiga N. - Savastano M. - Torres J. - Antonio Bianchi - Kremer C. - Bazzicalupi C.

Assembly of Polyiodide Networks with Cu(II) Complexes of Pyridinol-Based Tetraaza Macrocycles

- Martínez-Camarena Á. - Savastano M. - Blasco S. - Delgado-Pinar E. - Giorgi C. - Antonio Bianchi - García-España E. - Bazzicalupi C.
Inorganic Chemistry

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