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Center for Colloid and Surface Science

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Position: PhD Students


Phone: +39 06 72594468

Location: Roma Tor Vergata

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Nanoengineering multifunctional hybrid interfaces using adhesive glycogen nanoparticles

- Pacchin Tomanin P. - Zhou J. - Amodio A. - Rita Cimino - Glab A. - Francesca Cavalieri - Caruso F.
Journal of Materials Chemistry B

Sono-assembly of the [Arg-Phe]4 octapeptide into biofunctional nanoparticles

- Baral A. - Bhangu S.K. - Rita Cimino - Pelin J.N.B.D. - Alves W.A. - Chattopadhyay S. - Ashokkumar M. - Francesca Cavalieri

Tuning the morphology of mesoscopic structures of porphyrin macrocycles functionalized by an antimicrobial peptide

- Rita Cimino - Grelloni E. - Magna G. - Monti D. - Stefanelli M. - Emanuela Gatto - Placidi E. - Biscaglia F. - Gobbo M. - Mariano Venanzi
Journal of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines

Tunable supramolecular chirogenesis in the self-assembling of amphiphilic porphyrin triggered by chiral amines

- Marco Savioli - Stefanelli M. - Magna G. - Zurlo F. - Caso M.F. - Rita Cimino - Goletti C. - Mariano Venanzi - Natale C.D. - Paolesse R. - Monti D.
International Journal of Molecular Sciences

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