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Center for Colloid and Surface Science

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Location: Pavia

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Local Variability of Trace Element Concentration in Barn Swallow (Hirundo rustica) Nestlings from the Po Plain (Northern Italy)

- Costanzo A. - Michela Sturini - Maraschi F. - Caprioli M. - Romano A. - Vanni S. - Parolini M. - Profumo A. - Rubolini D. - Ambrosini R. - Canova L.
Environments - MDPI

Lead, zinc, nickel and chromium ions removal from polluted waters using zeolite formed from bauxite, obsidian and their combination with red mud: Behaviour and mechanisms

- Belviso C. - Lucini P. - Mancinelli M. - Abdolrahimi M. - Martucci A. - Peddis D. - Maraschi F. - Cavalcante F. - Michela Sturini
Journal of Cleaner Production

Fe3O4-Halloysite Nanotube Composites as Sustainable Adsorbents: Efficiency in Ofloxacin Removal from Polluted Waters and Ecotoxicity

- Doretta Capsoni - Lucini P. - Conti D.M. - Bianchi M. - Maraschi F. - De Felice B. - Giovanna Bruni - Abdolrahimi M. - Peddis D. - Parolini M. - Pisani S. - Michela Sturini

Physico-Chemical Features of Undoped and Fe/Cu-Doped Na0.67MnO2-Layered Cathodes for Sodium Batteries

- Marco Ambrosetti - Mozzati M.C. - Cini A. - Fittipaldi M. - Spada D. - Michela Sturini - Quinzeni I. - Marcella Bini
Applied Sciences (Switzerland)

Water-Soluble Melanin–Protein–Fe/Cu Conjugates Derived from Norepinephrine as Reliable Models for Neuromelanin of Human Brain Locus Coeruleus

- Capucciati A. - Monzani E. - Michela Sturini - Nicolis S. - Zucca F.A. - Bubacco L. - Bortolus M. - Zecca L. - Casella L.
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition

Efficiency in ofloxacin antibiotic water remediation by magnetic zeolites formed combining pure sources and wastes

- Belviso C. - Guerra G. - Abdolrahimi M. - Peddis D. - Maraschi F. - Cavalcante F. - Ferretti M. - Martucci A. - Michela Sturini

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