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Location: Pavia

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Raman spectroscopy in pure and doped zinc ferrites nanoparticles

- Albini B. - Restelli S. - Marco Ambrosetti - Marcella Bini - D’Amico F. - Mozzati M.C. - Galinetto P.
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics

Understanding the electrochemical features of ZnFe2O4, anode for LIBs, by deepening its physico-chemical properties

- Spada D. - Marco Ambrosetti - Mozzati M.C. - Albini B. - Galinetto P. - Cini A. - Fittipaldi M. - Marcella Bini
Materials Research Bulletin

Physico-Chemical Features of Undoped and Fe/Cu-Doped Na0.67MnO2-Layered Cathodes for Sodium Batteries

- Marco Ambrosetti - Mozzati M.C. - Cini A. - Fittipaldi M. - Spada D. - Michela Sturini - Quinzeni I. - Marcella Bini
Applied Sciences (Switzerland)

Tuning the superparamagnetic effect in ZnFe2O4 nanoparticles with Mg, Ga doping

- Gazzola G. - Marco Ambrosetti - Mozzati M.C. - Albini B. - Galinetto P. - Marcella Bini
Materials Chemistry and Physics

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